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  1. iCeManxTT


    Who does ATC in the servers , or is there no need for this ? example LotATC?
  2. Perfect I agree sure , but 1ste where I can find all rules BEFORE I join up the server , second I did not saw after being told by a member that you were not allowed to do so... Also sad to see you just can unban after 24h , I was a ex-ivao supervisor , I respect rules , but sadly enough I don't find them on here... as a new member... I ment about the tag I used.
  3. Today 21/11/2019 I was banned from the server using the tag 104th_iCeManxTT ? Why ? I am a member from the 104th ? the server was tittled 8_Op_Fire_Shield_15 Oh even with a other tag to ? so im banned by IP? woow
  4. Hi iCeManxTT, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
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