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  1. Fair enough, just wanna point out that i already have agreed with your request in my post, literally "assuming that i'm not gonna repeat this behaviour". thanks for the quick answer, see you in the skies
  2. that's what it is, as title says, nick was "violent lesbian", i get it, you guys are into this "i'm offended" american standard, we see you from all over the world and make memes about it, it's fine, i got your point, you don't want this kind of shit running on your server. BUT, as long as we agree on the fact that this is your server and i'm not gonna do this again because it's yours we also need to agree that banning someone for no other reason that a freaking stupid nickname it's well over the range of serious administration. i don't fly on your server very often but it happens sometimes with the clan, who is forced to not join you for the rest of my ban now, so i'm asking how long is my ban gonna last in the first place, and if you are going to take it out assuming that i'm not gonna repeat this behaviour, but for the record: i was laughing all the time, same goes now, the whole thing looks incredibly stupid to me, c'mon man, violent lesbian, who cares? i see you don't want it and i'm not gonna repeat my self but... c'mon xD waiting for your answer
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