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  1. Thanks Maverick for the second chance. and i will keep these tips in mind
  2. I know why i got banned. teamkilling a tanker by mistake. i was really tired after a long but like dcs so much jumped on the server to play for half an hour. I like the f18 and 16, A10c much and fly with it most of the time but when it comes to refueling i am horrible at it. this time i thought why not try it for the first time in 104th server i got near the tanker and flew for the first time very nice close to the tanker and it was nice and stable. but didn't got managed to contact the tanker i really don't know why my freq. were correct. as i was trying it very hard i asked in the chat if anyone was able to help me but no one responding like c.mon i am a person if someone needs help in the chat i will always answer if i know the answer. allot of experienced people who are on the server didint say anything. as i was trying didn't noticed i had my master arm on. i was annoyed bc it did't work i pushed allot of buttons on the stick and throttle before i knew hit the tanker. i didn't got the chance to explain what happened. i like the missions and enjoy the server. i apologize for unprofessional behavior.
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