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  1. Check your PM's sir. 

  2. Hey-oooooooo!!! Thanks for the donation brother! Hugely appreciated my friend!
  3. No you should be able to get them at the FARP too sir, what aircraft are you trying?
  4. There is no one with 'karma' in their name on our banned list sir.
  5. No, I've always been able to tune it and 250 to talk to a fighter controller.
  6. 104th_Maverick


    Ban removed, please make sure you understand how to IFF in future, bans for teamkilling awacs are taken very seriously!
  7. Your friend will need to post so we can trace his IP to the banned client as no one called equis is on our banned list.
  8. Sadly not at the moment mate
  9. We're getting there with adding more Migs for you guys slowly but surely. Operation Desert Thunder now has 8 slots. Also wanted to let you guys know about this event, hope to see you there! - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=262408
  10. All GCI is done through the CA slots at the bottom of the list mate.
  11. I'll try to add some more in where I can for you guys, although you might have to be prepared for a little bit of a flight to get to the action.
  12. Hi, Sadly its not as simple as just adding in more aircraft, with so many modules available now we are really struggling to find enough parking spaces for all the aircraft. The reason there are only 4 21s is to make room for more popular aircraft as apart from your squadron we only get a handful of Mig21 pilots flying in our server which is aimed at more modern day aircraft rather than the older generations. The Cold War server would be a much better place to fly the 21 sir.
  13. Ban removed, as you found out, we don't tolerate people teamkilling assets, regardless of the situation. In future make sure you read the mission briefing to find out the tanker TACAN and radio frequency so you can contact the right aircraft if you are on the wrong frequency the tanker will not respond you. Also want to make sure you bear in mind that when in the air you have to press Ralt+Radio button for radio 1 and Rctrl+Radio button for Radio 2, just pressing the regular radio button will not get you a response.
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