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  1. No you should be able to get them at the FARP too sir, what aircraft are you trying?
  2. Thanks for your continued support sir!
  3. There is no one with 'karma' in their name on our banned list sir.
  4. No, I've always been able to tune it and 250 to talk to a fighter controller.
  5. 104th_Maverick


    Ban removed, please make sure you understand how to IFF in future, bans for teamkilling awacs are taken very seriously!
  6. Your friend will need to post so we can trace his IP to the banned client as no one called equis is on our banned list.
  7. Sadly not at the moment mate
  8. We're getting there with adding more Migs for you guys slowly but surely. Operation Desert Thunder now has 8 slots. Also wanted to let you guys know about this event, hope to see you there! - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=262408
  9. All GCI is done through the CA slots at the bottom of the list mate.
  10. I'll try to add some more in where I can for you guys, although you might have to be prepared for a little bit of a flight to get to the action.
  11. Hi, Sadly its not as simple as just adding in more aircraft, with so many modules available now we are really struggling to find enough parking spaces for all the aircraft. The reason there are only 4 21s is to make room for more popular aircraft as apart from your squadron we only get a handful of Mig21 pilots flying in our server which is aimed at more modern day aircraft rather than the older generations. The Cold War server would be a much better place to fly the 21 sir.
  12. Ban removed, as you found out, we don't tolerate people teamkilling assets, regardless of the situation. In future make sure you read the mission briefing to find out the tanker TACAN and radio frequency so you can contact the right aircraft if you are on the wrong frequency the tanker will not respond you. Also want to make sure you bear in mind that when in the air you have to press Ralt+Radio button for radio 1 and Rctrl+Radio button for Radio 2, just pressing the regular radio button will not get you a response.
  13. Ban removed, while its understandable that mistakes like this can be made with a buggy IFF system, questions have to be asked gents when you see a 'hostile' contact orbiting above a friendly airbase and a friendly carrier group. You can both renter the server today however please take extra care when engaging bandits, if this happens again you will be removed for a longer period. Thanks for posting, good luck!
  14. We use teamspeak sir and it does exactly what we need it too We do run a discord group called 'DCS MP Addicts' however we do not use it for voice comms.
  15. You must be coming in at off peak times sir, we normally have between 10 and 30 people on the TS server regularly. There is no rule against using the chat for in game communication, the rule is to stop people spamming global chat with useless social chat that has nothing to do with the MP session.
  16. Our server is not a chat room so we don't tollerate people flooding chat with random stuff, global chat is to be used for in game issues etc, not for catching up with friends in the middle of a game. We have no voice discord server, we use TS3 when ever we fly to communicate with other pilots and also SRS to communicate in game.
  17. Officially there is no ATC in the server however we do use SRS and have allocated channels for aircraft movements. We also use Combined Arms as a radar tool for Fighter Controllers and or ATC operators. The SRS Freqs we use are as follows- 251 - ATC all airfields 250 - Fighter Control 243 - Guard 225 - Air to Ground comms 140 - CATC
  18. Hello sir, as you later found out on teamspeak we are no longer running LotATC for now. We will evaluate this decision again in the future.
  19. Client banned for bombing friendly runway as retaliation for being auto kicked for teamkilling.
  20. Ban removed, please don't join the server again with 104th tags sir, those are for members of the Squadron only, not for forum members. Good luck
  21. We don't run our server for people to troll others with stupid user names, we have zero tolerance for trolls, regardless of how light hearted their intentions are. Sadly this happens on a regular basis when certain people get bent out of shape after getting shot down or generally just sucking at the game. Unfortunately what this has meant for you is that you have been tarred with the same brush as all these other over-reactive angry young men. I will remove the ban for you now however please consider a more mature callsign, we are not super PC to the point of being retentive however because we deal with such a large volume of very toxic people, we can be very harsh with removing people who are perceived to be out to cause trouble from the server.
  22. How dare you show your face around here!!! The bare faced cheek of it!!!! GOOD TO SEE YOU CRUNCH! Sounds like you're having some funky issues, its probably karma getting you back for all the years of neglect you have shown to DCS These problems are 100% not normal mate, I recommend immediately uninstalling EVERYTHING, then DELETE your Eagle Dynamics folder in C:... REBOOT your pc then download and install the latest version of OpenBeta to your system. Get on teamspeak if you need more help mate there is always someone around, WELCOME BACK you old dog, great to see you sir!
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