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    Gilmar that guy is not a member of our Squadron so please pay no attention to him. If you need help please join our teamspeak server, however we will need to find out the name you got banned under for you to be unbanned.
  2. 104th_Maverick


    You must have been banned under a different callsign as there is no one our banned list called Gilmar. Have you flown under a different name?
  3. 104th_Maverick


    There is no one matching that name on our banned list sir.
  4. Hello sir, would love to have you on board! Come and find me on TS when you have some free time and I'll get you set up!
  5. Thank you, this is extremely appreciated!
  6. We are pleased to announce that 104th_Blaze has been promoted to Flight Instructor and will join our training team! Blaze has been part of the Squadron for many years now and has proven to be a reliable and highly skilled team player who has been instrumental in the Squadrons success over the past few years. Blaze will primarily be tasked with teaching our new comers air to air tactics in the BVR arena as well as helping to co-ordinate new tactics for the Squadron. His high level of commitment and professionalism is something we hope he can pass on to our latest round of recruits and future cadets, to help the Squadron continue to grow stronger year on year. Welcome on board the staff team Blaze, good luck sir!
  7. Fangs, fangs, fang and Fang do not match any name on our banned list.
  8. There is no one matching that name on our banned list.
  9. You were actually banned for using the carriers without being on SRS. Our server rule is you must be on SRS if you want to either spawn or land on any aircraft carrier, you were warned multiple times about this before you were removed. If you do not have SRS installed you are welcome to use the land based aircraft but to go anywhere near an aircraft carrier you must be on SRS and you must be on the Carrier ATC (CATC) frequency which is 140.0AM. Once you reply confirming you have read and understood this your ban will be removed.
  10. No there is no server setting sir. It should be active on every server but there are some scripts that seem to be blocking it from working. It initially didn't work on our server until we removed the Slot Blocking Script that we run then it was fine. We now have the Script back active again after we got a fixed version from the developer Ciribob.
  11. Are you sure you're banned and did not just get kicked? I can't find your name on our banned list.
  12. There is no one with the name ' Beeblebrox ' on our banned list sir, could you have been flying under a different name?
  13. There is no server rule to follow the pattern, you got yourself banned by trying to teach them a lesson because you believed you were first because you followed the pattern. What you should have done was wave off, just because you are in the pattern doesn't give you any right over anyone else, and while you are correct that the proper thing to do is follow the pattern there is no rule on our server that forces this to take place. Both pilots you mentioned were on SRS and made a ball call once in the groove. I removed you from the server after you admitted that you did in fact see their aircraft land but chose to continue and cause a collision because you believed that you were 'first'. This is not acceptable at all regardless of how correct you believed you were. We have all had to wave off because of other traffic on the deck, being in the CASE 1 pattern doesn't give you any right over someone else who isn't in the pattern, it's a case of first come first served and you were not first down on the deck. This whole situation could have been avoided if you had simply went around and then brought up your frustration with them on the radio or in game chat but instead you choose to collide with them and destroy both aircraft to try and prove a point. You don't make the rules in the server sir... we do, and you don't get to collide with other people because you believe you had the right too. And while I agree with you that they should have been in the pattern to set an example for others to follow the pilot in command was new to the Tomcat and has not had the luxury of training CASE 1 on the boat so opted for a straight in approach instead, which is completely fine in the server, there is no rule against it. IronMike hasn't went anywhere and is still part of our Squadron.
  14. Hello, thanks for the report. Link should now be working on Able Archer.
  15. Hello sir, try this link - http://community.104thphoenix.com/donate/make-donation/ And thank you!
  16. What is your DCS callsign sir?
  17. Sorry for not being any help, glad you got this sorted out!
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