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  1. Taipan

    Happy Holidays!

    All the BEST, have a great christmas time, and a good new year! S!
  2. Taipan

    DCS: Gazelle Wrecking Russian Jets

    real funny hunting jets - Good Work!
  3. Taipan

    Congrats Octuplefire & TitanFire // Highway

    Congratulations! Welcome on Board!
  4. Taipan

    Happy Birthday 104th Manawar!

    All the BEST ED!
  5. Taipan

    back in time

    Hello Pilots, back in time to march 2013, i cut some flight Scenes from together take off. Thanks for watching!
  6. Taipan

    Hey from Maximus

    great to hear from you Buddy!
  7. Taipan

    New Guy

    Welcome Gobblin
  8. Taipan

    How high?

    :DSpace Jet

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