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  1. IronMike

    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

  2. IronMike

    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    We are extremely honored and blessed with so many applications. Thus, also from my side, a massive thank you for your huge interest. We could not appreciate it more! Thank you also for your patience, I know the wait was very long. To choose is never easy, however we have to restrict our pick on a maximum of 4 cadets, in order to be able to provide sufficient amounts of training to each and everyone. Thank you for understanding that, those, who have not been picked this time to have a go at the UPTs - we would very much like to get to know you better and see your application again in the next round. Please fly as much as you can with us on Teamspeak, this lets us choose best and please do not think the decision was in any way personal. Each and everyone of you seems to be a great fit in general and someone we would like to spend more time with. So please stick around and simply spend more time with us. :-) This round we would like to clear for the UPTs: Bullet Streetsharken TheLawSE and 069_Specter The rest of you - again, thank you so much. I will send each one of you a private message, if you have questions or would like to discuss anything further, I would be very happy to set a date to meet up on teamspeak. Please understand that we would like to keep discussions/ explanations out of this thread. For those 4 who have been cleared: If you have any questions regarding the UPTs, feel free to contact me any time. You can also contact 104th_Stuge and if none of the instructors is available any fully winged member or 104th cadet. We will all be happy to guide you to a successful submission of the UPTs, please bear in mind, they are designed to frustrate and demand a significat amount of repetition (and time) to get right, also for the seasoned pilot. Attention to detail, as always - is paramount. In doubt, please always contact me personally. Some of the documents show discrepancies, please also watch the videos, and knowing that they build up on each other, follow the logic applicable from the previous ones. (Or simply ask :-P) That said, we are very much looking forward to the next training round and we wish you all GOOD LUCK! Honor. Excellence. Integrity. S! ~IronMike
  3. *****CONGRATULATIONS**** to 104th_Dozer and 104th_Tiger, who today have passed their Carrier Qualification, the final exam in a 104th cadet's training programm. While showing mastery of their aircraft they passed with flying colors! It has been a long time in the making and well deserved! Welcome to the family, Dozer and Tiger, we hope you both will feel at home! Never forget: Honor. Excellence. Integrity. ;-) This was also a special Carrier Qualificaton for the 104th Phoenix VFBS, as it was the last time that we used the Su-33 for it (we will show you pictures of our farewell in the next post). In the future it will be done of course in either the Hornet or the Tomcat. We say thank you to the beautiful swan, that helped cadets for over 12 years to get their wings in the 104th Phoenix VFBS. Fare well, Su-33! S!
  4. IronMike

    Happy Holidays!

    Dear members, dear friends, dear Community! On behalf of the entire 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron we would like to wish you and your families a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BLESSED AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you will enjoy a well deserved time off flying a lot! Fly safe and always check six, Yours 104th Phoenix VFBS
  5. Congratulations to 104cdt_Fallen who upon passing his 3 UPTs earned his right to enter the 104th cadet wing. In his flight he excelled with great talent and persistency to work on his mistakes and perform at highest standards, which is always what we are looking for! We hope that you feel right at home with us and enjoy the training and welcome you to the family. Best of luck, S! IronMike
  6. IronMike

    104th Recruitment "CLOSED"

    Thank you for applying, Jared. Cleared for UPTs.
  7. IronMike

    IronMike joins Heatblur Simulations!

    Thank you buddy, S!
  8. IronMike

    IronMike joins Heatblur Simulations!

    Thank you Ed, you are very kind and your words and trust are greatly appreciated! S!
  9. IronMike

    IronMike joins Heatblur Simulations!

    Thank you guys, I will give it my all and everything! S!
  10. Dear Squad members, dear friends, dear community! For the past time every day felt already as the happiest day in my life, but now it is official - since yesterday really every day is definately the happiest day in my life, so please let me share: I started working for Heatblur Simulations - and an incredible dream has come true! I can now help creating simulations for such magnificent aircraft as the F-14 Tomcat, which as you all know we are working on atm. My contribution in light of the extremely talented team is of course very humble, but I couldn't feel more honored to work in such an exceptional environment. I couldn't feel happier with the tasks I am given and I couldn't feel more proud to do what I do. I can now finally put all my creative skills that I learned in the past years to use for something I adore above all: flying, and namely: flying jets in a simulated environment (since they won’t let me in real life hehe). Wish me luck that I will perform always at my best and help – even if modestly - to give to this wonderful flight sim community what it deserves: the best possible experience in modern air combat simulation. Thank you all and above all a thousand thanks to Heatblur Simulations for giving me this incredible opportunity. It is very humbling indeed! I wasn’t that happy in a very long time The video below is me saying thank you while doing a victory curve in the AJS-37 Viggen, the aircraft module previously developed by Heatblur Simulations. Thank you again to everyone who came along so far! I couldn't feel anymore blessed! S! ~Yours 104th_IronMike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfspBEPTEQY PS: Please give a bit time to settle in, before you bombard me with questions, I will also reveal what I will be doing at a bit later point. First things first, but rest assured that you and your sim experience will as always be at the core of my undertakings, as this community has always been and always will be for me!
  11. IronMike

    Two More Weeks?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDWjLUvc6ck This is the PROPER reply to "Two More Weeks"
  12. Hey guys, if you are a member in the DCS MP Addicts group, pls partake in this poll: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DCSM...2229167796874/ We want to host one night of the week the so called "Nellis Night" - which means we will probably shut down the main server during that time to host a full blown 104th mission on Nevada. (We won't do Normandy.) In the poll pls select the day that you would prefer us to host "Nellis Night". If you don't have facebook, leave us a reply here. Please don't make choices like "Monday, because I don't fly mondays" - Pls select or tell us the day where you would actually want to fly in Nevada. If you do not want Nellis Night, simply tell us, or select the respective option in the poll. Thank you, S!______________
  13. The 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron is proud to announce in collaboration with the Indian Tactical Gaming Community the launch of our 104th Phoenix | ITGC Asia Server Dedicated Server IP - From now on we'll keep all our Asia Server related announcements in this thread. We are now hosting in Stable Version 104th | ITGC Asia Teamspeak 3 Server IP = Passs = garuda The 104th Phoenix / ITGC Asia Server is brought to you by a collaboration of the 104th Phoenix and the Indian Tactical Gaming Community. This server is a one on one replication of our main dedicated server and exists solely for the purpose of including a major part of the community that was not able to enjoy the 104th Phoenix Dedicated Main Server due to high ping. If you are a player whose ping is closer to the 104th Phoenix Main Server that is based in the US, you should fly in the main server and not here. The ping limit is 330 and will be enforced at all times. The server language is English. All rules of the main server apply here as well. Special thanks goes to the Indian Tactical Gaming Community who turned out to be the right and competent partner for this endeavour. For years we have been looking for someone to do this at our side, and we were extremely happy when ITGC approached us and offered their collaboration. We can assure you that you will be in best hands, as administration of the new Asia Server will be shared among the 104th and the ITGC. With this we want to empower the Asian or in general far Eastern Community to grow and to participate more in Multiplayer, as - finally a wish comes true. We hope you enjoy! We are running dedicated forums for our Asia Server here: http://itgcommunity.com/forums/forum-91.html Also visit the ITGC website in general: www.itgcommunity.com Soon we will also accept donations through the ITGC homepage that will go 100% towards the support of the Asia Server. Finally, if you'd like to donate to the 104th Phoenix in general, please continue do so here, on our homepage. These donations go towards our main server and all the 104th Infrastructure that enables us to further boost your Multiplayer experience in DCS! In both cases we are thankful for your donation, even the smallest amount helps! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING! We run a strict ping limit of 330 in our server. You will be removed from the server by an admin if your ping is higher than 330! Check our rules: The 104th Phoenix | ITGC Asia Server hosts under the exact same rules as the main dedicated server and will be administrated in the same manner! 104th Phoenix | ITGC AsiaServer Rules: NO TAXIWAY TAKEOFF! You must use the runway. Use the LEFT side of the runway for takeoff and landing. Do NOT leave the server while engaged/damaged. No Illegal payloads! Stick to the defaults! Do NOT go to Spectator before you crash if you are hit. Do NOT eject then go to Spectator. NO takeoffs from roads at ANY time! Please do NOT re-arm on the runway. No Trash Talking / Abusive Chat in game. No Sitting in Spectator. The callsign "player" is not allowed. Please respect other clients by not flooding Global Chat if requested! The teamspeak Language in public channels is English Since we are hosting two servers now, please fly on the server where your ping is lower. We generally recommend that clients from USA/Europe region fly on the main 104th Phoenix Dedicated Server and clients from Asia/Australia region fly on the 104th Phoenix | ITGC Asia Server. Remember: both Servers are identical and the Asia server is meant to include a big part of the community that so far has been left out due to high ping issues. Please also fly on the according teamspeak. If you fly on the Asia Server, please join the 104th | ITGC Asia Teamspeak 3 Server, and vice versa, if you fly on the Main 104th Phoenix Dedicated Server fly on the main 104th Phoenix Teamspeak 3 server.

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