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  1. same thing today, no server on the list, however, i was able to connect by ip. when i did there was maybe 3 people online all on the same team and when i joined in a ka50 i instantly got shot by something on the airfield
  2. So ive downloaded the DCS 1.5 beta versions and its fun and all but there seems to be a problem, i cannot find the 104th server anymore, it is not on the regular DCS game and i cant find it on the beta, ive tried connecting by IP and i just get a black screen. can anyone help?
  3. awesome ty, also i cant seem to find where to sign up for this weekends match is. can you help me out?
  4. It really annoys me that i can only play on the weekend and when i log on you have password protected matches going on, if you have a dedicated server wouldnt it be just as easy to make a second on the same server, im sure im not the only one who feels like this seeing as you only have 18 people on the match going on right now out of 52 correction 13/53
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