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  1. pYlot

    GCI application

    Wilco. Talk to you in the weekend.
  2. pYlot

    GCI application

    Name: pYlot Country: Hungary GCI experience: I'm an IRL enroute ATC in training. I also did cross the pond and gci several times in DCS
  3. I'm getting back into action
  4. pYlot

    TS3 Push-to-Talk vs DCS

    Hello I can't transmit on push to talk mode on TS3 while DCS is opened. I have to alt tab and maximize TS3 window or something else to be able to do that. When DCS is open, I can't transmit. Voice activation works fine. Help...
  5. pYlot

    Be a member of 104Th

    You can find everything here
  6. pYlot

    Octuplefire stars in music video!

    I hope you caught some of those hot ladies.
  7. pYlot

    LotATC Controller Applications

    DCS Callsign: 104cdt_pYlot Time Flying DCS: 4 years Controller Experience: Various DCS events, VATSIM, Workplace (I'm a sim pilot in IRL ATC training and examining) VATSIM Rated Controller: YES
  8. pYlot

    Happy Birthday 104th_PoleCat

    Happy birthday/birthweek! S! Bálint
  9. pYlot

    Highway after a few beers

  10. pYlot

    DCS World release

    i doubt that. That would be something useful
  11. pYlot

    X-Plane / VATSIM / Others

    I can help you guys in any Airbus A320 things. I've been flying on VATSIM since 2004... damn.. that was a long time ago.
  12. pYlot


  13. pYlot

    Luke's latest trip to the Dagobah System

    ohh C'mon

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