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    CAD modeling (CATIA V5R20). WW2 Aircraft SIM, Modern Aircraft SIM, Graphic Arts (Skins, Logos, Box Art ect.). I also restore WW2 unit emblems from photos. I play IL-2:Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow, DCS: P-51D, A-10C, FC3, FW-190D, BF-109K, F-86F, HAWK, MIG-15.

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  1. Hey all, I made this concept of a new tail marking for the skins with new more realistic tactical colors. The aren't actually grey. They are a blueish/green grey. The belly of the plane will me all dark blue/green/grey as shown in the camo mottling behind the numbers. Ooops correct roundel for F-15 http://s25.postimg.org/j42408ujj/104th_FW_New_Tail.png
  2. Here you go: http://s25.postimg.org/smnwu919b/104th_FS_Emblem.png
  3. Will do, I just got home though. I'll have something tomorrow. The wife wants to see 'Straight outta Compton' tonight LOL.
  4. Hey guys just playing around. I sketched this out rather quickly. for a tactical skin I am making for the F-15 and the Hawg. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNSYVZRUwAAysqa.jpg:large
  5. Yes I have 9yrs experience as a Controller and I was actually going ask you if you need one. Most of my experience is in RADAR. I can do Tower operations as well. If you can set up a camera I can look around in inside a tower cab I can help out. Frankly the ATC instructions in the SIM are cringe worthy. Absolutely none of it correct. I am Clearance Delivery, Ground Control, Flight Data and some Local training qualled in the Tower. In RADAR I am a Final Controller, Arrival Controller, Surveillance Controller, FASFAC Operator (Fleet Area Surveillance and Fleet Area Controller), RADAR Data and RA
  6. As stated in my BIO on my profile, I like restoring emblems. Here is the one for the 104th FS. http://s25.postimg.org/ob81dcs67/104th_Fighter_Squadron_Emblem.png I tried to post an image but it doesn't work?
  7. Yeah how do we get this! Will it work on the 104th server?
  8. I can't wait for this plane. I think it will destroy the MiG-21 BiS.
  9. ORION


    Hey pilots, My name is Isaac and I am sorta new to DCS. Well, lets just say I have renewed interest in it after the 'Fighter Collection' was released. I have a lot of experience in Dog Fighting with guns in WW2 aircraft. I have been playing since the days of IL-2 and MS Combat Flight Simulator. I played MSFS 2004 for a number of years. I once flew a Lear Jet all the way home from Pensacola FL to Redding, CA (KNPA - KRDD). I recently discovered your server and I really like it there. I have learned a lot. For example don't fly to the fighter bulls eye in your Su-25T. You will assuredly die quic
  10. Learning to kill with missiles =o)

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