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    Lake Stevens, WA - USA
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    CAD modeling (CATIA V5R20). WW2 Aircraft SIM, Modern Aircraft SIM, Graphic Arts (Skins, Logos, Box Art ect.). I also restore WW2 unit emblems from photos. I play IL-2:Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow, DCS: P-51D, A-10C, FC3, FW-190D, BF-109K, F-86F, HAWK, MIG-15.

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  1. ORION

    2016 104th Logo Concept (for fun)

    LOL, was there a message in that '.' ?
  2. Hey all, I made this concept of a new tail marking for the skins with new more realistic tactical colors. The aren't actually grey. They are a blueish/green grey. The belly of the plane will me all dark blue/green/grey as shown in the camo mottling behind the numbers. Ooops correct roundel for F-15 http://s25.postimg.org/j42408ujj/104th_FW_New_Tail.png
  3. ORION

    2016 104th Logo Concept (for fun)

    I can put them on top or remove them?
  4. ORION

    2016 104th Logo Concept (for fun)

    Here you go: http://s25.postimg.org/smnwu919b/104th_FS_Emblem.png
  5. ORION

    2016 104th Logo Concept (for fun)

    Will do, I just got home though. I'll have something tomorrow. The wife wants to see 'Straight outta Compton' tonight LOL.
  6. Hey guys just playing around. I sketched this out rather quickly. for a tactical skin I am making for the F-15 and the Hawg. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CNSYVZRUwAAysqa.jpg:large
  7. Yes I have 9yrs experience as a Controller and I was actually going ask you if you need one. Most of my experience is in RADAR. I can do Tower operations as well. If you can set up a camera I can look around in inside a tower cab I can help out. Frankly the ATC instructions in the SIM are cringe worthy. Absolutely none of it correct. I am Clearance Delivery, Ground Control, Flight Data and some Local training qualled in the Tower. In RADAR I am a Final Controller, Arrival Controller, Surveillance Controller, FASFAC Operator (Fleet Area Surveillance and Fleet Area Controller), RADAR Data and RADAR Supervisor qualled. At sea I am TACC Supervisor qualled (Tactical Air Control Center). I am also Approach trained both ashore and at sea. So, yeah I got you covered. - Isaac
  8. As stated in my BIO on my profile, I like restoring emblems. Here is the one for the 104th FS. http://s25.postimg.org/ob81dcs67/104th_Fighter_Squadron_Emblem.png I tried to post an image but it doesn't work?
  9. ORION

    DCS Ultra High Real Life Graphics Mod Mix

    Yeah how do we get this! Will it work on the 104th server?
  10. ORION

    Razbam's Mirage 2000C

    I can't wait for this plane. I think it will destroy the MiG-21 BiS.
  11. ORION


    Hey pilots, My name is Isaac and I am sorta new to DCS. Well, lets just say I have renewed interest in it after the 'Fighter Collection' was released. I have a lot of experience in Dog Fighting with guns in WW2 aircraft. I have been playing since the days of IL-2 and MS Combat Flight Simulator. I played MSFS 2004 for a number of years. I once flew a Lear Jet all the way home from Pensacola FL to Redding, CA (KNPA - KRDD). I recently discovered your server and I really like it there. I have learned a lot. For example don't fly to the fighter bulls eye in your Su-25T. You will assuredly die quickly via an AIM-120C or AIM-9. I'm hoping to come on COMM's (Team Speak and maybe get some instruction on the F-15C and Su-27. Nice meeting all of you!
  12. Learning to kill with missiles =o)


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