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  1. just installed DCS again and finally plugged in my hotas again so thought I'd pop in and see who is around. I logged into Teamspeak but didn't see anyone about. I'll be popping in again and hopefully catch some of you soon. S!
  2. Thanks Mike, I'll install the modules the only constraint I have is time and its been so long I'll have to re-learn everything again. Life ispretty good at the moment, just really busy. Thanks for the heads up about the avatar, all sorted now. S!
  3. just realised I've got the original disc version of A10 too
  4. Hi guys, I own FC1, FC2, FC3, Black shark 1 & Black shark 2 upgrade, Huey and P51. What order do I need to install them and do I need anything else? Thank you in advance S!
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