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    OP Southern Shield FARP Issues

    Much appreciate the effort thank you
  2. №15 | Gandalf

    OP Southern Shield FARP Issues

    Hey guys, I'd like to point some issues on the Map first at Bandar Abas FARP Star there is no Supply units of any kind which means we cannot rearm or refuel at Star. Second FARP Karavan next to Qeshm does not allow to Load troops on the MI8. Thank you guys for all the effort on those maps its really wonderful work u all do.
  3. №15 | Gandalf


    DCS Callsign: №15 |Gandalf77 Country: USA Details of any previous DCS GCI: I have don alot of GCI instructions when they where open and in other servers as well i think im familiar with the Callings
  4. №15 | Gandalf

    1.5 Beta glitches and Bugs

    In this forum I want to comment on a bug/glitch which i hope some one can remedy, In the 104 server and other servers some targets are underground or invisible, in the 104th target area bravo has emplacements shooting from underground I tried every bomb rocket there is in the game we even tried Nuking the targets several times no effect what so ever. So i suggest to the Operation or mission designers to delete the emplacements and or outposts in all maps until DCS, Eagle dynamics issue and update to fix this bug. .

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