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  1. Money added a post in a topic IronMike joins Heatblur Simulations!   

    Way to go Alex!! Congratulations!! Now if you could let me know when they are opening a Los Angeles office so I can get hired on!!
  2. Money added an answer to a question Join server = steam error   

    You were banned because of high ping. At the time of your ban your ping was 1200+. Pings that high bring severe instability and crashes to the server. To have your ban removed please contact senior staff in TeamSpeak to the issue has been corrected.
  3. Money added a post in a topic Connection issue   

    You had very bad ping. It was almost at the 330 limit when it was stable but you had incursions well into the 800-900s last for 10s of seconds at a time.
    Please meet up with senior staff on TS when you can, need to check your ping before unbanning...
  4. Money added a post in a topic Protocol error   

    I searched your name where we are notified of banned players. I could not locate anything, however I vaguely remember you telling me you were training with your friend one evening in the server doing exactly the same thing. Due to this fact I will remove the ban. If any senior staff has a more complete story on the matter and reinstates the ban, so it shall be. Other than that, please do not perform anymore same side training that involves killing friendlies and be sure to comply with all other rules on the 104th server.
  5. Money added a topic in Photos Screenshots and Vids   

    I want THIS on my Gazelle!!
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  6. Money added an answer to a question DCS Simpleradio Standalone   

    I believe it is still not in use but if it is im sure someone will chime in.
  7. Money added a post in a topic Next Red Flag Event   

    Thanks Tiger, didnt see him tonight. Name is Jindawg69, not from a squadron but have flown with him quite a few times on the server in Mi-8s and Mistrals. Said he wouldnt mind flying a helo but whatever is fine with him. Will update when I see him next.
  8. Money added a topic in General Forums   

    Next Red Flag Event
    Jindawg69 was trying to sign up to ED forums to join in the next Red Flag event. Was unable, said he had to wait 24 hours to post. Wanted to make sure the slots didnt get filled before he could post. Add to list please?
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  9. Money added a post in a topic Helo ops improvement and scoring   

    The Gazelles do fit in well. Especially now being able to carry Anti-Air teams. Just tonight I was on red side during Op Moonshield. Snuck into Tuapse with the Mistral and inserted an Anti-Air team very close to where the blue helos had set up a massive air defense. About 20 minutes later as one of the Hueys was moving farther along the Igla shot him down. 
    Very rewarding, especially since 5 minutes before I had shot down a blue A-10 that was trying to shred me with that big gatling gun!
    Gotta love the Humiliation message...
  10. Money added a post in a topic NO Protocol flow error   

    Checked the server for that nickname, it doesnt show banned...
  11. Money added a post in a topic Helo ops improvement and scoring   

    Looking forward to the new missions Mav!
    Hopefully some new tasks for the Gazelles in them???
  12. Money added a post in a topic Helo ops improvement and scoring   

    Definitely no promises but will discuss with Senior staff.
    As far as scoring by deployed troops, I believe something was being looked into but did not come to fruition...will ask for update about it as well.
  13. Money added a post in a topic NO Protocol flow error   

    Unfortunately reading log files are a bit out of my scope of ability. I will ask one of the squad leaders for guidance on this...
  14. Money added a post in a topic 104th Texture Pack is failing Integrity Check   

    The last update changed the way the Integrity Check works. Until ED changes it, the only way to use it is to fail all or fail nothing...
  15. Money added a post in a topic I made a mistake 4 years ago. Help me.   

    jv1080, the screenshot you posted with the Auto-Kick is enabled is just showing a warning for Actionable offenses. It applies and serves to notify everyone that joins what is not acceptable on the server.
    It looks like you are able to join the server just fine, so you should not have anything to worry about...unless you commit an actionable offense