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  1. Money added an answer to a question Can't find the 104 server   

    Doomtone, please check that you have your version of DCS Open Beta updated to
    If it is not update, you will not see it in the server list.
  2. Money added an answer to a question AV8-B & 104Th JTAC system : How to use GBU ? --> closed   

    Sorry for the delay in response Pegazus, glad you found the videos to help you out!
  3. Money added a post in a topic DCS AV-8B | Carrier Landings in the Black Sea [Real Sounds]   

    When does the Harrier training start? Sign me up!
  4. Money added a post in a topic DCS AV-8B N/A | Air to Air Refuelling Demo with S3 Viking   

    You are so friggin lucky! I cant wait to get my hands on that plane!!!
  5. Money added a topic in General Forums   

    I want this module! DCTS: Gazelle!
    Digital Christmas Tree Slinging: Gazelle
    Gotta love the flying in this video...
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  6. Money added a post in a topic Terrain textures package for DCS World 1.5.x   

    If you try to fly on a server with Integrity Check enabled, you will not be able to join. Up to ED to fix.
  7. Money added a post in a topic Home made Table mounts.   

    Ok I get it now. Really nice, has that Apple aluminum laptop look to it
  8. Money added a post in a topic Home made Table mounts.   

    Great work! How do you keep the platform at the proper elevation? I didnt notice anything to tighten it, except to where it attaches to the desk itself.
  9. Money added a post in a topic BRING BACK NIGHT MISSIONS   

    Not many people like flying on the server when there are night missions or at least missions that extend into darkness. So when we used to have missions with night flying the server was usually pretty dead.
  10. Money added an answer to a question Mission Bug Board   

    My guess is that its not a "bug" as in you are blowing up randomly but maybe the actual ordnance has a bug itself. If your ordnance gets shot and blows up it would say you killed yourself even though you were actually shot down. Im guessing a ground unit keeps knocking you down. Op_Armageddon is a pretty solid mission. I would try deploying the same ordnance in a different part of the map instead of over a target area and see what happens. If you dont blow up, then you probably just got shot down. 
  11. Money added a post in a topic Congratulations to 104cdt_Fallen   

    Way to go Fallen! Congrats bud and welcome! Just dont hang out with Knight too much or you might give up DCS for (Yawn...) X-plane!
  12. Money added a post in a topic IronMike joins Heatblur Simulations!   

    Way to go Alex!! Congratulations!! Now if you could let me know when they are opening a Los Angeles office so I can get hired on!!
  13. Money added an answer to a question Join server = steam error   

    You were banned because of high ping. At the time of your ban your ping was 1200+. Pings that high bring severe instability and crashes to the server. To have your ban removed please contact senior staff in TeamSpeak to the issue has been corrected.
  14. Money added a post in a topic Connection issue   

    You had very bad ping. It was almost at the 330 limit when it was stable but you had incursions well into the 800-900s last for 10s of seconds at a time.
    Please meet up with senior staff on TS when you can, need to check your ping before unbanning...
  15. Money added a post in a topic Protocol error   

    I searched your name where we are notified of banned players. I could not locate anything, however I vaguely remember you telling me you were training with your friend one evening in the server doing exactly the same thing. Due to this fact I will remove the ban. If any senior staff has a more complete story on the matter and reinstates the ban, so it shall be. Other than that, please do not perform anymore same side training that involves killing friendlies and be sure to comply with all other rules on the 104th server.