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  1. Hi Dozer, Thank you for your donation of $20.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  2. Name: Steve Strittmatter (Callsign: "Dozer") Age: 46 Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 1/2 years Preferred Aircraft: F-15 Reason for applying: I always have loved fighter jets and did not realize all that is needed to be in the right position before you shoot missiles or avoid missiles! I started Flying on the 104th when I first loaded DCS and flew for like 2 months getting killed left and right. The one day a 104th member gave me some tips that helped me get some kills,then another 104th Member Knight and Stuge helped me even more and now I can kill and avoid missiles now to
  3. Dozer


    I'm banned until who knows when? I killed a friendly on accident witch was a bone head move for sure, I wish you could control the ban list instead of decent players learning to get better get banned.I have been team killed before and the player says sorry and its not that big of a deal.Please remove the auto ban and let us report to you if we have a bad team killer in your server.
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