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  1. GCI Application

    DCS Callsign: =RvE=Jman Country: USA Details of any previous GCI activity if any: Provided GCI through many blue flag rounds (buddyspike), team events, and 104th Phoenix.
  2. Invalid or Deleted File.Update link o7
  3. Awesome! Just what you guys needed
  4. You need to unzip the files and then import into your game files. Just downloaded JGSME and activated the mod through there and it worked (using my program files folder instead of the saved games) Looks amazing! Great work mustang.
  5. Triple splash late night and succesfull RTB and landing , getting tired of using replays for making the videos as they stop tracking me. Need to remember to turn on shadowplay!
  6. Decided to jump into blue after seeing all the people in red, came in to the base being rushed by fighters
  7. Tacview Joint Warrior Round 5

    Haha I followed you around thinking "wow he's a bad ass flying all over our base" lol Watching this makes me want to do it again!