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  1. The good thing of the SU25T is they can get the OA in about 10 minutes! killing at least three targets in one pass with 2xKh-29T and one (or two) Kh-25ML or Vikhr, at the same time can contribute with their ECMs ON to the overall noise behind the CAP, until they reach the OA.
  2. I have all the ground units positions, will place a mark over each group at the mission start with the coordinates for the A-10C guys, and to visually find them in F10 map
  3. Thanks for the answer, they said me the same in ED forums!, hope this change in the future for the mods!
  4. Sorry I was wrong, is only to change kneeboard of position, I already fixed the facetracknoir
  5. Hi guys, it's possible for the 104th server to keep out of the IC; the folder: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Scripts\Aircrafts\_Common\Cockpit The problem is that people who uses FacetrackNoIr, are not supported in ED and we have to use a previous version of ViewportHandling.lua file in order to make it work, and the same time, people who wants to move the kneeboard to another monitor are having problems, because the KNEEBOARD folder is under this Cockpit folder! Regards,
  6. Hi guys, since yesterday I have noted that is not working the ping limiter, pilots with 1800, 700, 600 are flying there and is impossible to kill someone due the warping!
  7. Good post, I will include the link to this page in the EDP 71st forum! Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, the Blue/red Ocelot was ECV57- Hogan in the F-15 Regards.
  9. Hi guys, I have a member of our squad that is unable to get in the server, his callsign is flecha, looks like he was banned for ping. Regards, RuSh
  10. Hi Maverick, the two 71st A2A will be SU-27 and the two A2G Su25T regards,
  11. Hi Mav, the mission is ready to download?
  12. Hi Guys!, when will be posted the next saturday mission?
  13. This fact is very particular (statistics don't lie), something we have been claming to ED for many years and they did nothing: - Out of the 25 aerial kills, none was by an R-27ER missile, 4 by R-27ET, 1 by R-73, 2 by cannon and 18 by AIM-120. The former Soviet Union, had brilliant minds in the military and all the science fields (including many Nobel Prices), it's impossible they had a really bad R-27ER missile like the one simulated in DCS.
  14. Was only a proposal, the problem is that the OPFOR side not only is outnumbering the red side with A2A aircrafts, but they can earn points using A2G aircrafts, which makes more difficult for the red side to cover a wide front at the same time with less planes!, but was only a proposal, thanks for the answer.
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