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  1. HP Reverb available for preorder on Amazon. Go git it! PoleCat Out
  2. Sliding inside corner brackets that tighten at whatever height along the vertical travel you like. Check the first photo. The longer piece of extrusion has the brackets slid loosely into place before attaching the shorter platform support piece. Photo 5 shows the inside corner brackets installed and tightened into place from below. Two of these inside corners are more then enough to support the weight of the Cougar but I am using 4 of them just to be extra sure.
  3. At almost 300USD for a pair for Monster Tech table mounts for HOTAS Cougar and Warthog Throttle and Stick I decided to make my own (with some variations in design) to save some money. Here is my project in a few pictures. My parts after fabrication and before assembly. The assembled platform from several views. And finally, attached for it's intended purpose......... Out
  4. Good stuff mate. Hope to see you hanging about.... Out
  5. I am very skeptical of this information. I use the Logitech gaming software (currently version 8.81.15). I have been using this software on all of my computers and updating it regularly for a long time. Three different machines all using Asus Z170-A. No issues, no BSOD's.You will find a lot of inaccurate information about hardware out there. Often it is driven by people who are misdiagnosing the issues they are experiencing. Happens all the time. You will not find an excellent piece of hardware out there that is not subject to this type of misinformation. Don't let it dissuade you. Take it from me the Asus Z170-A is an excellent choice. Out
  6. Nice card Aleks. Enjoy it! Funny post Mav, looks like me when I was that age. Got to check with my Mom and ask her how the heck that pic of me got out there.... Out
  7. That system will be "the balls" with a few exceptions. Please read on......... To help alleviate your concerns I am currently using the Z170-A in three separate systems, Two gaming/business and one DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I am modestly overclocking them and they are all rock solid stable. The CPU I am using in all of them is the 6700k but the i5 6600k that was suggested should be just fine as well. The boards are not wafer thin and they seem every bit as beefy as the previous generation Asus boards I was using (Z97-Pro). Keep the X-fi and use Daniel Ks drivers they work great under Windows 7/8/10. Get rid of those video cards as soon as you can. (for this system these are and will be the bottleneck). In this case SLI is just doubling the agony.......Get a single 970 or better. GSkill is an excellent choice for the memory. I use this brand now exclusively for my and my customer builds and I am never disappointed. I am using the Lepa Excllusion for my CPU cooler. I am also using the Corsair H series in a couple of the other machines. These work very well and require no maintenance. Also the Corsair liquid cooler cpu blocks leave plenty of room and do not interfere with larger memory modules as some after market coolers do. All else looks pretty good to me. I think you are going to be very happy with that system. Please let me know if I can be of any help with advice or opinion. ~Out
  8. This thread is now pinned and featured in our forums. I read the article this afternoon with Janet. Great stuff. I am in process of setting up a slider on the front page to show your interview off and link to it from our home page. I will try to finish it quickly if work allows. I recommend everyone read this article and learn about the man, the myth, the legend that is our very own "Maverick". The embodiment of his namesake and a killer elite! Well done buddy! Out
  9. Happy Birthday to one of my closest friends and our other fearless leader Manawar! Have a great birthday Ed! See you soon! ~Paul
  10. Ok here are the UEFI settings needed for the ASUS Z170-A and NVMe RAID0 for boot. I am using the latest release from Asus Which is UEFI/BIOS Version 1101. Once these settings were configured I used the WINDOWS 7 USB/DVD DOWNLOAD TOOL ([URL="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool"]https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool[/URL]) to create a Windows 10 x64 bootable USB flash drive from my Windows 10 x64 ISO file. (Any UEFI boot disk should work). At this point I rebooted the machine and entered the UEFI/BIOS. In the boot section I selected the UEFI version of my flash drive as the boot override option. On reboot Windows begins the installation; however, the newly created RAID0 volume is not detected. Here you must feed the installation (add) the Intel Rapid Storage Drivers (Browse to the inf file in the X64 folder (iaStorAC.inf)). You can download these at the link below..... [URL="http://station-drivers.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1613:intel-rapid-storage-technology-rst-version-14-6-1-1030-whql&catid=16:articles&Itemid=171&lang=fr"]http://station-drivers.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1613:intel-rapid-storage-technology-rst-version-14-6-1-1030-whql&catid=16:articles&Itemid=171&lang=fr[/URL] After the RST driver is loaded the RAID0 volume was detected and installation proceeded as normal from there. ~Paul Note: I have since set UEFI/BIOS memory frequency to XMP mode and it is now running at 3200MHz not 2133MHz as the first screenshot indicates.
  11. Here are the benchmarks I just took of my RAID0 NVMe boot partition. I am collecting the UEFI settings and will provide a step by step as to how I got this working very soon. Out
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