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  1. I was banned from the server today because I followed the procedures for entering the pattern to land on the carrier. Two 104th members came in and did a straight in landing on the carrier while I was making my turn to final. They did not announce that they were inbound and did NOT follow the pattern. One of them was 104th Knight in a Tomcat. He must have been the pilot or a Rio, but there were 2 of them involved in this infraction. My intention was to wave off when I saw them, but I wanted to let them know that I was there FIRST! We ended up colliding when I mis-calculated the elevation difference between me and the F14. Not even a few seconds later 104th Knight came in there complaining, I then instructed him that he did NOT declare an emergency or announce he was inbound on TS or SRS (Which is a rule when you join the server), in which I DID. When I confronted him about not following the rules, he said "It didn’t matter, we were on the deck". While it wasn’t my intention to collide with another plane, I wanted to make it very clear to him that he neglected basic landing procedures, and could have been avoided if THEY went in to a landing pattern. Not following procedures is what leads to accidents. I would have seen them a lot sooner and given them enough time to clear the deck. I have been flying on this server for years and have ALWAYS followed the rules. Unfortunately, some of your members are acting real green and not setting the example for others follow. It’s just not the same around here since Iron Mike left. I was banned from the server and banned from TS for the first time, after years on your server. Your members broke these rules. #0, 1, 3.
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