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  1. Apparently some loon had done something so egregious as to require an IP range ban. I happen to live vaguely close to where he was so my IP was affected. Maverick did something on his end to get me past it.
  2. And thank you again for your help. I will say, though. Doing 30 vs 30 on a restricted weapobs mission was one heavy-duty way of bringing my ego down to size! XD
  3. Hi guys. I've been away from the scene since the days of Flaming Cliffs 1 and just got back into DCS 1.5. I've been trying to connect to the 104th server and it just won't do it. It doesn't show up in the server list, ever. I tried connecting by IP ( but it just kicks me back to the server list after ~15 seconds. I have verified that I'm running the same version of DCS as the server according to the info in the Teamspeak channel. I do not have any mods except for two skins, so I don't imagine I'm having trouble with the integrity check. I've even gone into my router and attempted port forwarding and even setting my computer as DMZ host; neither had any effect. I downloaded the autoexec.cfg thing as recommended in Teamspeak; that also had no effect. I have had no trouble connecting to other servers in the server list, as well as even hosting my own session with a friend. The only thing I can think that's wrong at this point is ping? I saw that there's a 250ms cap; is there any way to tell if that's the issue? I'm well under that with some servers (eg Hoggit) but closer with others. Thanks for any help you can provide. I'll answer any additional questions you may have to get this solved. I really want to fly with some people who know what they're doing.
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