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  1. Well,,, now I feel pretty shamed for forgetting about that, but thank you kindly sir!
  2. I apologize if this subject has been discussed, I did do a search for .trk, no results. Anyway, a bizarre incident occurred the other night while in the server and I simply wanted to try and figure out what happened. I have Tacview, but that will not work due to server setting as I vaguely understand, but I did try and do a track replay from with the DCS GUI. I admit this is something I have only done a few times over many years. When I found the track and tried to view it, all I could see is the map. All I want to know is if there is a problem with my PC or this is due to a server setting? If it is due to a server setting, all is well, I just don't want to spend days trying to figure it out if its something related to the server. many thanks.
  3. Fakum


    I wont likely be on for a couple days, Im about to convert from Leavu2 to Leavu3 for the F-15,,,, theres ALWAYS issues to resolve,,,, but it will be great once operational!
  4. Fakum


    I cant help ya with the SU-25 Im afraid,, I have never flown it
  5. Fakum


    I am trying to be around this weekend myself,,, good advise from Highway!
  6. Fakum


    I have found a variation in NON 104th members myself. I have found guys on TS that are very friendly and willing to give some advise, and i have also found some are just rotten! Last time I was on, there were a few on the channel that were just bashing the crap out of some noob because he was not as familiar with the F-15 as they were and were calling him all kinds of names because he was not doing things as they felt he should of been, he was on the opposite team and they were just attacking him. I myself am trying to learn, and to hear these guys bashing noobs was very disturbing. Like they came out of the womb with an RWR attached to their head? Are you kidding me? I just left the channel as I have said enough about TS behavior. I would suggest giving TS a go though, decide for yourself, you can always change channels. I am trying to mop up some home projects which is killing my flight time, but if I see you on, I will be happy to work with you up to my level at least.
  7. Olde, Its not my intent to create issues here, like most people, Im trying to enjoy a good flight with good people, and more importantly, enjoy myself. Its up to the Admins if they want to enforce their policy, not me. Your response to me was clearly a jab. I have to assume you have not read through this post, if you had done so, I would have expected we would not be in this unfortunate position. Muting people on TS creates issues, how? Well,,, when you have a gentleman on there calling out vectors for you and others, it is presumed considerate to wait until one person is finished speaking before you step in and make a call, otherwise, people are talking over each other and TS becomes virtually useless. If you block me and say 2 others, how do you know your not talking over them and creating issues? You dont, you just wind up stepping on them and creating com issues, what is the benefit of that? And I dare to ask, if your an adult (which at the moment I assume you are) what would stop you from respecting the fact that there are others on TS that dont want to have to constantly hear F this F that? I respectfully ask you, what restrains you from not being able to be considerate? Like I said in the initial post, I can swear with the best of them, but when your on TS, I know there are others like me that have other people loitering about in the back ground, and I do as well often, so I respect that and refrain from it. Its purely out of respect. I also realize some people dont care, I ran into another person on TS like that last night, I politely asked him to try and cut back and the young know it all who boasts he runs his own server claimed it does not bother him,,, just another one that missed the point. I see that in our youth today, they have no discipline, therefore, they dont even understand what the word respect means. Ya cant fight city hall, it is the way of the world. Choose your path as you see fit. Im not here to save the planet, if you cant find it within yourself to be respectful to others, Im in the wrong place. I will be moving on. At the very least, thank you for reading through this post.
  8. Olde, sorry that you feel offended enough that you have to harass me on TS. I don't work that level, I grew up along time ago. Was this message really necessary? It has no impact other than to make communication on TS more difficult. "OldE": hey welome to my Blocked list FOR REFRENCE please fell free to Right click my name and go to BLOCK USER.....works like a charm
  9. I actually did double click, I have done this in the past with no issue, for some reason, last night was an issue? Who by the way is talking about people we don't like on TS? That is not the topic, its the cussing that violates the TS rules we are discussing here. It seems you were not aware of this policy, I hold no grudge, I simply ask that you and every one else do their best to follow the rules and at the very least, understand there are many others on TS with you, some have family members etc surrounding them, I suspect you get the picture. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with who anybody likes. I look forward to flying with you again,, I appreciate your understanding.
  10. I tried to send you one, but I couldnt for some reason, then I tried admin, but that was as admin permissions message. I didnt want to call you out on TS, I expect at this point you have read the TS rules. Thanks for the response,,,,,
  11. I don't know if Olde visits these forums or not, but if anyone knows him, can you please ask him if he wouldn't mind cutting down the vast amount of F bombs please,,, thanks.I couldn't send a chat msg to any of the admins in TS.
  12. Thank you. I had considered the Brevity channel, but was reluctant as I am not fluent at all. Perhaps I will hang out in there and listen while flying? My problem is I'm a long time Hog Pilot that is fiddling about with the F-15 trying to learn. A good team speak channel can teach you a lot in short time. Thanks again sir.
  13. I thank you sir for addressing this as I'm reasonably confident that most people feel the same, but are reluctant to say so in fear of ridicule. Like yourself, I can cuss up a storm myself, I actually do so often, but there is a time and place where it is deemed appropriate/acceptable, TeamSpeak in my opinion is not one of them unless the channel is dedicated for just that. In my opinion, people need to realize that they are not the only people on that channel, and it is inappropriate too assume that it is acceptable to all. many thanks again for your attention to this matter. I enjoy hoping into your server and hopping in a channel where the focus is working with others to have fun and take care of business :}, thank you for the opportunity to express myself as well.
  14. Not being a prude here , but its kind of difficult being on a TeamSpeak channel when every 3rd word is F$%^! (F Bomb). I get its an adult server, but ya really don't make much of a point if your constantly cussing. There are other people on the channel ya know. I don't mind the occasional, but when someone can not speak English without saying F%$# every 3rd word, its not only distracting and uncalled for, its very annoying! High school is over, you don't need to prove how mature you are with endless cussing. Come on guys,,, Id like to fly with you all in the same TS channel,,,, Fakum,, and that's as in, Fake Um Thanks for allowing my little rant,,, have a great day!
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