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  1. Well,,, now I feel pretty shamed for forgetting about that, but thank you kindly sir!
  2. I apologize if this subject has been discussed, I did do a search for .trk, no results. Anyway, a bizarre incident occurred the other night while in the server and I simply wanted to try and figure out what happened. I have Tacview, but that will not work due to server setting as I vaguely understand, but I did try and do a track replay from with the DCS GUI. I admit this is something I have only done a few times over many years. When I found the track and tried to view it, all I could see is the map. All I want to know is if there is a problem with my PC or this is due to a server setting? If it is due to a server setting, all is well, I just don't want to spend days trying to figure it out if its something related to the server. many thanks.
  3. Jove, just use JSGME, then you wont have any problems after updates
  4. Interesting, not only did I install this MOD last night, I went right into a DCS 1.5 prompted update right after, then went onto the 104th server. Within 10 minutes, DCS crashed and froze. CTL-ALT DEL reported DCS not responding. I restarted and within another say 10 minutes , same thing. I hopped up to a Helicopter channel and asked if the other 2 fellas where having issues, and they both said yes,,,, shortly after the server went down and it came back online in about 10 minutes,,, I had no issue after that for at least an hour of flight. I cant say with any certaintyTS that there is any relationship?
  5. WOW Tyger,,, that was a cool post! Great reference,,, thank you,,,
  6. I'm confused, he stated it was going through an overhaul, and to expect a link for download soon. He has since not posted it was ready, I have not seen an update since then to download anything.
  7. Maybe it has something to do with the post above yours? I'm just guessing here but maybe its not available or valid yet?
  8. I have gone thru about 15 variations so far adjusting just the "noisemax" & "noise1max", I found some subtle differences, taking screen shots of just the TGP for comparisons each time. Unfortunately nothing gave me a WOW moment. maybe its the distance to target is only 13 mile out, maybe if I set targets further it may be more beneficial? I don't know? I appreciate the help just the same, I hope FLIR gets an upgrade in the near future, sux having SPI's handed off to you and ya cant see the target,,,,Thanks Mustang.
  9. Thanks for the advise, Where is this adjustment to the draw distance made? I will experiment with that and report back.
  10. That's what I original set out to do, but as I stated above, changing these values no longer seem to have any impact. Others have confirmed. I'm open to suggestion. the end of this post discusses this. Thanks, https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=175241
  11. Sooooo,,, this has no relevance to this MOD? I came back here because on another thread I am trying to resolve the fact that when I slew my TGP to a broadcasted SPI for example, I can not see the target. I'm finding the target is blending in with the terrain and I was initially advised to adjust the noise, later to find out that is no longer a viable option and was advised to try using a Textured MOD. I was already using this one and realized that the noise setting in this MOD was set to 9 (not default), my quest continues,,,,
  12. Has anyone else noticed that adjusting the noise max no longer yields any differences? C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Config\terrain\Extreme.lua --Old Noise land_noise = { noisemin = 0.0; noisemax = 1.0; noise1front = 1000.0; noise1back = 80000.0; noise1top = 12000.0; noise1bottom = 2000.0; noise1PerSquare = 2.0; noise2PerSquare = 150.0;
  13. thanks for the tip, I did just that and I see a difference now? Below Left is with MOD, Right is without Sorry cant attach until I figure out how to delete other photos on server to make room,,,
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