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  1. DCS Callsign: Photun Time Flying DCS: +5 years Controller Experience: Used to be a DCS controller in the 3rd Wing and now in the 132nd vWing VATSIM Rated Controller: Hell no
  2. Yep, we had troubles too, many crashes because of the zoom, regarding to what DArt said about it. Logically, it's fixed in the new version, 1.0.1.
  3. Hello. DCS Callsign : "Photun" or "Kf-06 Photun" Time Flying DCS : 2 years. I used to fly on LOMAC from 2006 to 2010. Time using LOTATC 4 DCS : 4 years. And I also used LOTATC on LOMAC before. Controller Experience : few on IVAC/IVAO ; vGCI in the 3rd-Wing since 4 years. VATSIM Rated Controller : no.
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