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  1. is this program still active?
  2. What would be the correct noise / paramater to increase distance that full res mountain texture detail is shown? Great pack and super performance.
  3. how is ground unit visibility/contrast with the new textures and noise values?
  4. Thanks Mustang. I suspected something like this.
  5. Hi Mustang. Was playing on the Virtual Aerobatics server and noticed a weird separation in the terrain from moderate altitude after I ejected. Not sure where on the map I was. I'm not using any other mods.
  6. Thanks Mustang. Did you do something with ground unit shadows to help with maverick and TGP visibility.... maybe just me but hey seem ore noticeable Awesome textures either way. note JGSME install works great for me.
  7. Hi. the screenshots look fantastic. Can you explain the JSGME incompatibility? Why can't we us
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