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  1. Hi Blackbird, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving our infrastructure with your donation. Thank You 104th Phoenix VFBS
  2. Blackbird


    Player "F900EK" banned for intentionally teamkilling 104th_Blackbird with Aim 9M shortly after departing Sochi Adler. The played in question was in a Vigen and strafed my aircraft before shooting me once airborne.
  3. Congrats buddy, happy to have you in the Sqn!
  4. Indeed, I only took notice when all the nonsense started
  5. Blackbird


    player "Adaly" was banned for willful fratricide. He fired a R73 at myself while RTB to Vasiani in level flight with AWACS coverage. No explanation was given.
  6. Player "Broncooy83" was banned for foul language and spamming the chat in game. This is related to the previous incidents with players "Linky" and "Slayer of all Jews".
  7. Blackbird


    Player "Linky" is banned for foul language and verbal assaults on other players. This occurred at the same time as the attacks by "Slayer of all Jews" and could be related.
  8. Player "Slayer of all Jews" Was banned for profanity, vulgar language and verbal assaults on other players.
  9. Player "caca" committed fratricide, killing 5 friendly aircraft at base while they were preforming a formation take-off. This incident was reported to myself by Roofies. If anyone spots this individual please ban this player immediately!!!
  10. Blackbird


    Player "CATFISH" is banned for high ping. The user explained that this was due to weather conditions, however no immediate compromise was found.
  11. Blackbird


    Banned player "firebird" for intentionally killing red friendly AWACS with guns in server.
  12. Blackbird


    Player "KeeseAF" was banned for two consecutive accounts of fratricide. He failed to communicate his reasons and repeated the offence.
  13. Awesome work guys! Very glad to have you both on board, I hope you guys are liking the squadron life so far and again, welcome to the sqn!
  14. Player "LF_IQUILEZ" Was banned from the server for intentional team killing. The player was given several written warnings and flashing lights. Player persisted and committed fratricide while 104th_Blackbird was RTB in cruise.
  15. Player "FastAiM" was banned for taxiway takeoff right in front of my parked aircraft.
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