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  1. Blackbird


    Player "F900EK" banned for intentionally teamkilling 104th_Blackbird with Aim 9M shortly after departing Sochi Adler. The played in question was in a Vigen and strafed my aircraft before shooting me once airborne.
  2. Blackbird

    Congratulations to 104cdt_Fallen

    Congrats buddy, happy to have you in the Sqn!
  3. Blackbird

    Player banned

    Indeed, I only took notice when all the nonsense started
  4. Blackbird

    Player banned

    Player "Slayer of all Jews" Was banned for profanity, vulgar language and verbal assaults on other players.
  5. Blackbird


    player "Adaly" was banned for willful fratricide. He fired a R73 at myself while RTB to Vasiani in level flight with AWACS coverage. No explanation was given.
  6. Blackbird


    Player "Broncooy83" was banned for foul language and spamming the chat in game. This is related to the previous incidents with players "Linky" and "Slayer of all Jews".
  7. Blackbird


    Player "Linky" is banned for foul language and verbal assaults on other players. This occurred at the same time as the attacks by "Slayer of all Jews" and could be related.
  8. Blackbird

    "caca" - Be on the lookout!

    Player "caca" committed fratricide, killing 5 friendly aircraft at base while they were preforming a formation take-off. This incident was reported to myself by Roofies. If anyone spots this individual please ban this player immediately!!!
  9. Blackbird


    Player "CATFISH" is banned for high ping. The user explained that this was due to weather conditions, however no immediate compromise was found.
  10. Blackbird


    Banned player "firebird" for intentionally killing red friendly AWACS with guns in server.
  11. Blackbird


    Player "KeeseAF" was banned for two consecutive accounts of fratricide. He failed to communicate his reasons and repeated the offence.
  12. Blackbird

    Congratulations to our new cadets!

    Awesome work guys! Very glad to have you both on board, I hope you guys are liking the squadron life so far and again, welcome to the sqn!
  13. Blackbird

    LF_IQUILEZ Banned

    Player "LF_IQUILEZ" Was banned from the server for intentional team killing. The player was given several written warnings and flashing lights. Player persisted and committed fratricide while 104th_Blackbird was RTB in cruise.
  14. Blackbird

    FastAim Banned

    Player "FastAiM" was banned for taxiway takeoff right in front of my parked aircraft.
  15. Blackbird


    Cliend "GREEN MAN" Was banned for team killing 104th_Blackbird
  16. Blackbird


    G day, I appreciate your explanation. Given the circumstance I will lift the ban and you will be free to return to the server. Please, in the future when situations arise, offer an explanation. If a team kill is committed in such a fashion it can be forgiven. Just don't be silent about it. Happy flying and always check twice out there, Bird.
  17. Blackbird

    Banned higth ping

    Hello (=08th=Goss), I have restored your privileged in light of this. In the future if your ping becomes an issue we will have to restore the ban. Happy flying, Bird.
  18. Blackbird

    Denis010205 Banned

    The guest was banned from our public server for committing fratricide. The guilty party, piloting a Mirage 2000 failed to utilize IFF in 2 accounts. The first account, a Magic 530 was fired at 104th_Blackbird. After the incident he was verbally warned, without a response. The second account he fired his reaming 530 at 104th_Presing, scoring a friendly kill in close proximity.
  19. Blackbird

    Poly Machine

    Player "Poly Machine" was banned for team killing 104th Blackbird in close air combat. The shot was taken with no Radar confirmation after a merged bandit had been shot down by Blackbird, after turning cold.
  20. Blackbird


    Player "WitchDoctor" is banned for team-killing 104th_Blackbird after repeated friendly fires with Radar missiles. Finally a ET infra-red shot while BBird was gear down on final approach at Tiblisi.
  21. Blackbird


    Player "REXC" was banned by 104th_Blackbird for misconduct in the public server. He team-killed a friendly player with "guns" then proceeded to "Kamikaze" set player.
  22. Blackbird

    Happy Birthday 104th_PoleCat

    Happy birthday Paul, It's been a privilege knowing you as long as I have. I'm ever thankful for what you've done for us in the 104. Best wished on your birthday and rock on!
  23. Blackbird

    DCS World 1.5 Changelog and Update

    Yes Highway, it appears so. Also A2A Refueling big has been corrected!
  24. Stuge my friend, you've made two milestones in the time that I have know and flown with you. I remember a time when you were still a lone wolf, a predator. I always enjoyed flying with you and learning from you, taking notes from your well of knowledge. I've always though of you as 104 material, I remember persistently nagging and hinting to you that you should sign up! After humming and hawing and maybe, not so sure, one day during recruitment season I hop online and happen to notice something a little different about your tags. There was a 104th Cadet tag in front of your call sign, hmm funny that? I was ecstatic that you had applied, half in disbelief that the lone wolf was ready to join the pack! And now you are here, you are one of the 104th. When you made your third trap, the moment when you were forced to a shuttering stop, as the bungee held you in its death grip, hanging off your straps, contemplating life, sweat gleaming in your mask. That was the moment you earned your place in our brotherhood. That was the moment we added a skilled and capable individual to our ranks, worthy of holding the tags of the Phoenix. Vivo morte refecta mea S!

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