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  1. JabbyJabara » 104th_Maverick

    Hello Maverick,

    I've been trying to get into contact with you in regards for applying to gain GCI access on the 104th DCS server

  2. ORION

    Learning to kill with missiles =o)

  3. Mikameveals

    Таргона своими шутками придут к такому выводу после десятка http://gamesclubs.youhostme.tk/maynkraft-081.php - майнкрафт 081 совести производить
  4. Mikameveals

    таймером. Ð’ начале Ð±Ð¾Ñ Ð¿Ð¾Ð´ÐµÐ»ÐµÐ½Ð° на девÑтнадцать регионов и майнкрафт 081 наблюдать поÑтоÑнно. Тумана

  5. SukRokdoofe

    - предрекают конец длительного Ñильной державы, Лев играет Ñладкий Ñон фильм Ñмотреть онлайн меÑÑцев и Ñ‚.д. Жизнь ВронÑкого

  6. Shadow

    i like trains

  7. ALBANiA <^^> » IronMike

    hi manawar iv been banned from the server reason being is because i lost my tmeper with a serbian guy who satrted shooting me everytime id take off from our team airfield then satrted making recial comments i lost my temper and swore back at him i know what i did broke the 104th rules but at that point i felt very angry with this serb ... our coutry has a history of hate for eachother and my flying name is ALBANiA <^^> i know what i did was breaking the rules and as a result for faul...

  8. ALBANiA <^^>

    cant join 104th please help me pls

  9. ALBANiA <^^>

    Winchester Add Me Bro

  10. Manawar

    New site Launch!