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Found 1 result

  1. THANK YOU FOR DONATING TO THE 104th PHOENIX VFBS !!! We are very grateful to receive your donation! Each and every cent we get is put 100% into our infrastructure. Our infrastructure consists of our 51 client 24/7 Dedicated Server128 client Teamspeak 3 ServerHomepage and ForumsFacebook, Twitter and YoutubeMultiplayer Events, Competitions, etc.Hardware, software and marketing tools These different parts of our infrastructure require plenty of maintenance and are costly to uphold and improve. They are all meant to boost your DCS Multiplayer experience, and everything we get is re-invested directly to keep improving our services! On top of that we add plenty of our free time to maintain the infrastructure, to build missions, to administrate the server and teamspeak, to organize multiplayer events and more. Each of our members does this for 100% free - we are a 100% non-profit organization and do not keep anything for ourselves. However - sometimes - we save up for bigger investments like i.e. costly hardware upgrades (CPU, GPU, etc.) THE SMALLEST AMOUNT HELPS! Even if you donate a small amount of 5 $ - it will help us, and we are equally thankful for all our donaters. The more donations we get, the more we will boost our infrastructure, means: i.e. hardware upgrades, etc. will come faster and more frequently. After all, we want to provide you the best experience possible. With this homepage we hope to show you what we mean. At this point we would also like to thank 104th_Manawar for putting it up in his rare freetime! And, as it is still work in progress, there are many more features and services to be included into the homepage, such as tutorials, flight school, videos and more! You have two ways to donate via our homepage: Donate anonymously: If you want to be a silent benefactor DO NOT log in to the forums - your donation will show as "anonymous"Donate with your account name: Please log in to the forums if you want your username to appear in our donation boxIf you were logged in when donating, right befor you will be taken to the PayPal page, you will additionally have the option to tick your username to appear as anonyomous. In both cases we are deeply and equally thankful. Of course we would like to see who donated to us though, so that we can thank you accordingly. All donations are made via PayPal. Simply enter your desired amount of money in the donation box and click "donate". It will then take you to your PayPal account. If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to ask us. THANK YOU - AND PLEASE KEEP SUPPORTING US! S!
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