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Found 4 results

  1. ****************************************** In case this thread is marked "OPEN" please post your application as a reply following the example: Name: Smart E. Xample (Callsign: "Smartman") Age: 29 Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 year Preferred Aircraft: Parachute Reason for applying: Growing up it was my dream to become a fighter pilot in the US Navy. Earlier this year I learned of DCS while playing BF4 and the rest has been history. I love being able to use DCS as an outlet to satisfy my dream of becoming a great fighter pilot. By nature I am a perfectionist with a strong desire to be the best in anything I do. As a result of this personality trait, I am very willing to work hard to achieve that greatness. Over the last 5 months, with the guidance/coaching of more experience pilots in the 104th TS, I feel I have made many positive strides in improving as a virtual pilot. Still, I know I have much to learn and improve on. While I am proud of the initial progress I have made, I realize that those who become great were often guided and mentored by those that were great before them. That is where the 104th comes in, and I am excited that there is an even greater opportunity to achieve a steep learning curve within the 104th VFBS. I believe that having the opportunity to learn from, and fly as a team with, the members of the 104th is the optimal next step for me. My early track record of showing an ability to learn quickly and fly as part of a team make me confident that I have established the early foundational skills necessary to generate positive impact within the existing 104th family. All of these things make me confident that I would be a wise investment for the 104th. But - hold on a second... BEFORE APPLYING - please take a moment and read the following threads CAREFULLY (it's not optional, it's a PREREQUESITE and if we notice - and we will - that you didn't read them upfront, we will decline your application straight away): How to join the 104th: Software and Hardware requirements: How to apply steb by step: Undergraduate Pilot Training: UPTs - Track file location and Dos and Don'ts: Thank you for your interest and application! S! POST YOUR APPLICATION IN THIS THREAD ONLY AS A REPLY PLEASE!
  2. Welcome to the 104th Undergraduate Pilot Training Academy Cadet! This training course was carefully designed to assess your abilities as a pilot. During the UPT phase of your training you will learn and be evaluated on all the dynamics of flight from ramp start to visual landings. You will also be evaluated on your ability to follow guidelines and procedure. Upon graduating the UPT Academy you will have earned the right to progress to fighter training school. Be sure that your tracks are done as thoroughly as possible! Please review your tracks before submitting. View the sample Video and confirm that your training track resembles what it required. Detail is paramount to your advancement. YOU MUST COMPLETE AND SUBMIT ALL 3 UPT MISSIONS AT THE SAME TIME. UPON PASSING ALL 3 UPT MISSIONS YOU MAY BE ADMITTED INTO THE CADET WING. If you have any questions or need assistance regarding your training contact any of the members listed below: IronMike Maverick Riptide Mustang Submit all tracks as an upload to mediafire/ dropbox etc and pls send the link as a PM to 104th_IronMike. Befor you can submit your UPTs you have to post your application here: *For each mission there is an example video, checklist document and mission. *Closley follow all instructions as laid out by the instructor. *UPTs HAVE TO BE FLOWN IN MULTIPLAYER: more information and dos and don'ts to be read here (read carefully prior attempting your UPTs): *We recommend you do the UPTs in succession, means first UPT1, then UPT2, then UPT3 as they build upon each other. >> Example Video = An audio and visual tutorial that clearly explains how the mission should be flown. >> Checklist Document = A document that the cadet will need to use to follow the proper workflow. >> Mission File = When the cadet is familirized the cadet can then fly the mission and submit the mission track for review ***THE UPTs HAVE BEEN UPDATED TO OPENBETA Version 1.5*** UPT 1 - Ramp Start, Taxi and Take Off: Video - http://www.mediafire.com/watch/fm9yc8ia1za4igz/UPT-1_Ramp_Start-Taxi_Take_Off.wmv Checklist - http://www.mediafire.com/view/xdwbab0ook9xsrw/UPT-1_Ramp_Start_Taxi_TakeOff.pdf Mission File - http://www.mediafire.com/download/a8d5d1o98uwtyi2/UPT-1_Ramp_Start_Taxi_TakeOff_1-5.miz UPT 2 - Visual Landing: Video - http://www.mediafire.com/watch/sx8nbjfnpb6ugcq/UPT-2_Visual_Landing.wmv Checklist - http://www.mediafire.com/view/bpvnyz8ozyb7e1k/UPT-2_Visual_Landing.pdf Mission File - http://www.mediafire.com/download/199oezc2u44z5cl/UPT-2_Visual_Landing_1-5.miz UPT 3 - Take Off and Landing Circuit: Video - http://www.mediafire.com/watch/3sxz85tlc1xlck9/UPT-3_Take-Off_and_Landing_Circut.wmv Checklist - http://www.mediafire.com/download/n5k8ls5hswh5dts/UPT-3_Take-Off_and_Landing_Circut.pdf Mission File - http://www.mediafire.com/download/ueeqa49o2d7c131/UPT-3_Take-Off_and_Landing_Circut_1-5.miz Note: You will both need to view the video and read the checklist for a successful attempt at your UPTs. Download them from the links above. For the video you can use VLC media player. It is free and you can get it here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ GOOD LUCK! PLEASE NOTE: Passing the UPTs is a pre-requesite to be admitted into the 104th Cadets. However, admittance will be decided by a Senior Flight Instructor together with 104th command. Passing the UPTs does not guarantee admittance to extraordinary membership. Passing the fighter training school does not guarantee admittance to ordinary membership. Both extraordinary and ordinary membership can be rejected and/or revoked by 104th Command at any given time without further explanation.
  3. To successfully submit your UPTs you will have to know a couple of things (apart from what is stated in the UPT thread here:) All UPTs have to be flown in Multiplayer, where you will host your own server for yourself. To do so open up your Multiplayer GUI, select "New Server", select the mission and click "start", then select your aircraft as client, then spawn in, when ready unpause the gameAll UPTs start with unpausing the gameYour track files are located in c:\username\savedgames\DCS (or DCSopenbeta)\Tracks\MultiplayerDo NOT use external views or pause the game while flyingClearly show us at what you look (for example zooming with your track IR on the flaps indicator when you retract your flaps)When reviewing your tracks prior submitting, make a backup first, do not use view inputs, as this will corrupt your view cues in your trackReview your UPTs prior submitting and make sure you have followed the workflow 100% TO THE LETTER!Ask your flight instructor (104th_IronMike, 104th_Knight or 104th_Stuge) for help in case you need guidance Failing to adhere to restrictions like speed limit, alititude, bank attitude, etc. or missing steps in the work flow (like retracting your flaps at the exact demanded altitude) will make you fail instantly. The UPTs can only be passed if you meet 100% of the requirements. Therefore make sure you have reviewed them prior submitting. Failing one UPT more than 3 times (no matter which one), will close the door for your application. You will then have to wait until the next recruitment round in order to re-apply, if permitted by the Flight Instructor. In some cases we will reject further re-applications. After posting your application here: when the topic is marked "OPEN" you will have THREE WEEKS from the date of your post to submit your UPTs. So, when you apply, make sure you have time to do the UPTs. Failing to submit them within 3 weeks will close the door for your application. You will then have to wait until the next recruitment round in order to re-apply, if permitted by the Flight Instructor. In some cases we will reject further re-applications. For a single UPT mission it can take up to a week and a minimum of 5-6 repetitions to nail it, no matter how good a pilot you are. Most pilots take significantly more repetitions than that. Espacially real life pilots (with PPL i.e.) should NOT UNDERESTIMATE the difficulty of the UPTs. Remember: Flying in real life and in the sim are two different pairs of shoes! Note: The UPTs are designed to frustrate you. You will have to deal and cope with it more or less on your own and show the right amount of commitment in order to seem worthy of selection to us. All members of the 104th - without exception - have passed their UPTs prior becoming cadets. The reason for this is simple: we need to see, if you are willing to invest the right amount of sweat and virtual blood before we invest a significant amount of time in your training. Once your training starts, frustration might re-appear and disappear along the way, however the training itself is designed much more to make fun and you will progress through your learning curve with enjoyment and pleasure. It will still require a lot of effort from your side though! Do you think you have, what it takes? Then show us and submit your UPTs! S!
  4. WELCOME! HERE YOU WILL GET TO KNOW HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER IN THE 104th PHOENIX VFBS Please read carefully prior applying! The 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron takes its pride in educating and training among the best virtual fighter pilots in DCS since almost 9 years now. Normally, in spring and in autumn, we open our doors for new members to join our ranks. However, please understand that we are very selective, when it comes to recruiting new members. This is not because we want to be an elitist and exclusive group - on the contrary: we like to be inclusive and open as much as possible. However: to maintain our work for the community and to strive for our goal to be among the best, we are looking for a certain type of personality and dedication which facilitates achieving our goals. Honor. Excellence. Integrity. So, what do you need, to join the 104th? Listed below, you will find some requirements to become a 104th Cadet and after completing your training, a fully winged member of the 104th. Why some, and not all? Because we are all close friends and a big family - and if we want you to feel equally at home among our ranks - a certain "gut feeling" from both the applicant's and the squadron's side has to play a role in deciding wether we take or not take you aboard. But, let's start with first things first: What kind of members do we have? We have, basically, two types of members: Ordinary Members and Extraordinary Members. Extraordinary Members are our Cadets who are on probation until they pass their training and are accepted into the squadron. Upon passing their final exam, the Carrier Qualifications, and upon approval by 104th Command, they get their wings granted and become fully winged, or in other words: Ordinary Members. So... WHAT DO WE OFFER? - as a member of the 104th you will be included in all squadron activities from meetings, daily (informal) reunions, trainings, events, etc. - you will be able to influence the course of the squadron by adding your own personality and opinion to the work we do, and how we do it. - you can create your own career: either be an active member, who flies along, or become part of the brass, who defines the squadron's path through his or her own work and dedication. In both cases: be active and enjoy activities! - as a cadet get fully personalized live training with our experienced instructors and become one among the best in the DCS. The training will be fitted to your personal needs - no matter where you stand in DCS and how steep your learning curve will be. We will guide you to the top! - be closer to DCS in general - in the 104th we have 4 Members on the Beta Test Team - who in close coordination with our experience from our dedicated server lay emphasis on improving the Multiplayer side of DCS. - enjoy the 24/7 51 client slot dedicated server as your home base and experience daily online multiplayer air combat at its finest. - get full access to the combined knowledge base of one of the oldest squadrons in DCS - dating all the way back to its beginning and including flight sim experience from members going all the way back to the start of flight sims in general. - be part of an open, friendly, caring and international group with strong ties to all of our members and, of course, friends and community outside of the squadron. - a 100% mature and tolerant environment. - flying, flying in formation as wingman or lead, more flying and even more flying! WHAT WE DO NOT / CANNOT / WILL NOT OFFER: - a tight military style run organization that values a game/sim/hobby above real life. - 100% regularity in all that we do, as all our members have a real life, which we value above all. - an easy way to improve without investing your own effort, sweat and time. - the knowledge to fly a real plane or to replace a PPL or even to handle a military aircraft - because we try to be the best in the sim, not in real life. - a cold wet handshake after completing your training in a real life meeting, because we are an online community WHAT WE REQUIRE FROM APPLICANTS: - we predominantly recruit pilots who are more or less known to us by either: a.) flying approximately a year on our server (and teamspeak!) under the same callsign (so it catches our attention) b.) fly on our server (and teamspeak!) for a while and get our attention by exemplary dedication and/or skill c.) come with recommendation by a 104th fully winged member d.) come with recommandation of another DCS squadron, like ie. 51st Bisons, 44th Vampires and others. - ALL APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT AND PASS OUR 3 UPTs before becoming a 104th Cadet (find them here:) - you have to post your application (follow the examplary post) in this thread, when the recruitment is marked as "OPEN": - you have to be of 18 years age or older - you have to have a mature and responsible personality (!!!) - you have to show long term dedication for DCS as your hobby (hence we like to see you fly for quite a while on our server and teamspeak) - you have to be serious and 100% sure about STAYING a 104th member long after admittance into membership (we invest a lot of free time in your training and of course want you to stick around for... basically... let's say forever ) - you DO NOT need to be an ace pilot or super experienced or similar - but you should have covered the basics of flight in DCS - much more important than skill is to bring your best commitment and dedication, the will to learn, to work hard and to improve at all times (we never stop learning) - a friendly and tolerant personality - you have to speak English (don't worry if it is not perfect or more or less bad - you should understand us, and we should be able to understand you clearly, that's all. The rest will improve a lot, believe me ) - you have to be willing (and able) to use Teamspeak 3 100% of the time - apart from DCS World 1.5 openbeta you have to at least possess Flaming Cliffs 3 (no matter what other modules you possess) and DCS World 2.0 openalpha including the NTTR Map. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER A SUCCESFUL APPLICATION: - after submitting all 3 UPTs, you may be approved as a 104th Cadet by a Senior Flight Instructor and 104th Command - if you are approved as a 104th Cadet, you become an extraordinary member in the 104th: that means you will be on probation, will have increased duties and less privileges - you will start you training, which includes 1) Formation Training 2) Advanced Tactical Training 3) Weapons Training Air to Air and Air to Ground 4) BFM 5) Instrument Flight and Instrument Landing System Training 6) Air to Air Refueling 7) Carrier Qualification (of course all that fitted to your persona) - if until your Carrier Qualification all went well and you pass it - woohoo - you'll become a fully winged member of the 104th Phoenix VFBS!!! Well, I know, this was quite a bit now. But, take a moment and think of it: We will invest a couple of months of our free time in your training... So... If this was already too much for you to read - do you really think you should apply? If, however, you soaked it up like a dry sponge and are eager to get to know more... well, buddy - you just made the right step into the right direction! Remember this: we are happy about all your applications! But we need a certain amount of commitment, in order to stay commited ourselves. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE 104th - IT IS 100% POSSIBLE!! And WE WILL guide you! So, last but not least - it would be our pleasure to welcome you as a 104th Cadet! Fly safe and enjoy, S! PLEASE NOTE: Passing the UPTs is a pre-requesite to be admitted into the 104th Cadets. However, admittance will be decided by a Senior Flight Instructor together with 104th command. Passing the UPTs does not guarantee admittance to extraordinary membership. Passing the fighter training school does not guarantee admittance to ordinary membership. Both extraordinary and ordinary membership can be rejected and/or revoked by 104th Command at any given time without further explanation.
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