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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I love flying the F15 (I excel at take offs and landing ) I know how to use the radar (different modes LRS/TWS, VerticalScan). I know how to use sidewinders. But what i lack is in tactics. air to air combat seems like going head on and firing your aim 120 missiles and i usually get 2 enemy aircrafts before getting shot down by one of them. And i am sure there are tactics that once i learn them i will get to enjoy air combat even more. Therefore, i was hoping to solicit some help with a) tactics b - ability to play multiplayer successfully as that will help me improve. so here goes the questions: 1. i downloaded team speak and connected to 104th server but i was unable to hear or communicate with others (am i missing something). 2. once i connect to the 104th server in mulitplayer am i just suppose to take off and searching and shooting other aircrafts? 3. Can someone please volunteer to show me the ropes. 4. i would really like 4 on 4 team combat. where the team members can know and trust each other. and it would be great to get teamspeak working so i can communicate. Also would love to try out some tight formation flying and landing. looks real cool so fly next to another aircraft in a close formation. Thanks GamerMan972 out
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