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Teamspeak Server Rules


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104th Teamspeak Rules:

1. You must use Push to talk.

2. If you are flying please move to the proper channels in TeamSpeak (like Air to Ground or Air to Air, etc.). The general room is not for in game communications.

3. No talking on comms in brevity channels unless you have something important* to say.

Important* is defined as:

1. Call your number to lead to confirm you've heard him.
2. Call blind.
3. Respond to a state request.
4. Contact  (Visual or Radar)
5. RWR (spike, nails)
6. Other pertinent flight info.

7. If you do not know the proper brevity for some thing use your english to just say it BRIEFLY.
Make sure it is relevant please. Keep chatter to an absolute minimum please.

If you are new to and learning brevity please use the "Relaxed" Channels. Here you will still be expected to do your best to keep your chatter to a minimum as well but you are free to ask for help regarding how to use and practice proper brevity.

If you would rather not use brevity then you are welcome to join our TS and use the main DCS channels (not the general channel) for this purpose.



Connection Info:
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pass – phoenix
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