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I made a mistake 4 years ago. Help me.


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I am jv 1080. Nationality is Japan. I will send you a message for the first time.
I shot an ally four years ago and made a mistake.
Since then, you are alerted when you enter the server.
(WARNING! Auto Kick is enable.Actionable offenses in clude:team-kill.team-collision-kill.)
Can not  cancel it with your power?
Since four years ago, I have not made a mistake.
Please help me.


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jv1080, the screenshot you posted with the Auto-Kick is enabled is just showing a warning for Actionable offenses. It applies and serves to notify everyone that joins what is not acceptable on the server.

It looks like you are able to join the server just fine, so you should not have anything to worry about...unless you commit an actionable offense :)

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