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104th Texture Pack is failing Integrity Check

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Ive uninstalled and reinstalled DCS about 3 times now, I am able to join the 104th with no mods, then as soon as I install the newest version of Mustangs Texture Pack, ill try to join and it will tell me that my files are tainted and I need a pure install. Dont know what to do, ive ran the texture pack on the 104th for a long time and now its not working. ( The 104th Mod is only thing that I have installed in the files, all mods in Ovgme have been disabled for now.)20170730000631_1.thumb.jpg.cf2e99ab6f01520170803155225_1.thumb.jpg.5313119f1a8a7

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The last update changed the way the Integrity Check works. Until ED changes it, the only way to use it is to fail all or fail nothing...

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