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Hi there, a good month or two ago i was also banned for teamkilling, however without the intention to do so. i was playing with a collegue of me. and i was  teaching him some stuff about the a10c, last thing i did show him was how one can disable the WoW safety from the 30mm gatling. He didnt believe me so i proved him wrong by firing a small burst from our parked spot. no playerss were near so i thought i couldnt do harm. Didn't pay attention there was a C17 parked across the lane with 8-10 soldiers, turned C17 into swiss cheese, blew the soldiers up with exploding C17. we both thought it wouldnt count as it were all npc's. Until my buddy teached me how to use a Aim-120 in tws mode and when it goes pitbull. to do so he told i could shoot him down as we were both about to call it a day. So i did. ended with said ban. I really hope this gets reverted. because its was for educative means. and after 2 months without any prior TK's (except maybe one or two unlucky bomb runs with a10c) i still wait for a pardon. please?

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I searched your name where we are notified of banned players. I could not locate anything, however I vaguely remember you telling me you were training with your friend one evening in the server doing exactly the same thing. Due to this fact I will remove the ban. If any senior staff has a more complete story on the matter and reinstates the ban, so it shall be. Other than that, please do not perform anymore same side training that involves killing friendlies and be sure to comply with all other rules on the 104th server.

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I agree. Im am grateful for the unban. now we can go again on coop a2g missions as your server has a very good a2g objective design. for training we figured out how to properly set up targets in private sessions. I even have downloaded the f15 104th skin and wanted to try the other day. but the ban kept me from it.

Thanks again.

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