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Helo ops improvement and scoring


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Hello, apologies if this is in wrong section, but here it goes: last few days, some of us had an idea of helping out take out TAs with ground troops deployed with transport helos, however, that required a chunky transit time to a suitable FOB area from the spawn locations (in order of 45min each way), and considering how vulnerable helos are, that pretty much required minimum 3-4 people to even attempt it, as 1 or 2 would have over an hour to just set the FOB up, let alone start staging troops toward TA.


My suggestion is to have another FARP as spawn closer to TAs (50-60km ideally), which would help us out with transit times. Maybe even make it so we have to capture it first, but looking at missions, adding the FARP about half way from current location to TA Alpha, would be ideal.


Awesome server by the way


EDIT: forgot to add in: could ground and air kills by deployed troops somehow count for helo pilots?

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Scoring from deployed troops is not possible in DCS at the moment, so I'm afraid that is not option.


At present we are working on a totally new mission type that should hopefully be ready to go in the next 2 weeks, your feedback will be considered when placing the FARPS etc, we'll try to provide 50-60km flights to the AOs if possible.


Keep your eyes open for the new mission (Operation Longbow), lots and LOTS of things for Helicopters to do ;)


Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy it!



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Good to hear, Maverick. 50-60km is just about right for most helos. Some are faster, some slower, but makes for exciting flight when A-A threats are high. Just last night, guys were having a "FOB war" around the bullseye to such extent, no fighter was able to come even close.


As for scoring, I recall having messages showing who's units killed who ("SliderCDN's Strela killed Maverick", for example), but can't recall if it actually have points, which isn't as relevant anyway. We're having too much fun as is :D


Money, I think Gazelles fit in with Hueys and Mi8s just fine. We actually have 1-2 on occasion as fighters and enemy helos were lurking around, some even scored hits.

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The Gazelles do fit in well. Especially now being able to carry Anti-Air teams. Just tonight I was on red side during Op Moonshield. Snuck into Tuapse with the Mistral and inserted an Anti-Air team very close to where the blue helos had set up a massive air defense. About 20 minutes later as one of the Hueys was moving farther along the Igla shot him down. 

Very rewarding, especially since 5 minutes before I had shot down a blue A-10 that was trying to shred me with that big gatling gun!

Gotta love the Humiliation message...

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