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server with down with "server ping time out"? ddos?


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You're quite new to DCS aren't you Kain? You should have been around a few patches ago, 1.2.4 to 1.2.6 would have had you pulling out your own hair with frustration with DCS. Used to get "server ping time out" all the time, no matter what server you were on.


Remember, it's not the server that crashes, it's DCS that crashes. Things are a lot better these days with stability although things can be improved a lot still.

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ive been flying DCS off and on for a while.... but only had a-10c, and didnt really play online till about 6 months ago. 

however, ive been playing flight sims since i was like 7 years old. 

the reason i was suspecting a DDOS was because of one persons rage on ts.. he rage quit TS, and 3 mins later... ping time out. not going to say names because drama drama drama and rumors rumors rumors.... that and he probably didnt do it... but it was just kinda funny. 

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