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Home made Table mounts.

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At almost 300USD for a pair for Monster Tech table mounts for HOTAS Cougar and Warthog Throttle and Stick I decided to make my own (with some variations in design) to save some money. Here is my project in a few pictures.

My parts after fabrication and before assembly.


The assembled platform from several views.





And finally, attached for it's intended purpose.........



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Great work! How do you keep the platform at the proper elevation? I didnt notice anything to tighten it, except to where it attaches to the desk itself.

Sliding inside corner brackets that tighten at whatever height along the vertical travel you like. Check the first photo. The longer piece of extrusion has the brackets slid loosely into place before attaching the shorter platform support piece. Photo 5 shows the inside corner brackets installed and tightened into place from below.

Two of these inside corners are more then enough to support the weight of the Cougar but I am using 4 of them just to be extra sure.


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