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Heya guys.just wondering does your server allow tacview data? I'm thinking tacview will help me a great deal in PVP but I only fly on your server so if it don't support it I won't bother buying it..

cheers chris

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You should still use it, because using tacview makes the difference in your learning progress.


To use it follow these steps:


  1. Don't generate tracks longer than 30-45 minutes, means: after that time leave the server and simply re-enter. Additionally mark the time and/ or rename your trackfile. (longer tracks might be corrupted)
  2. Find your tracks in C:/username/saved games/DCS World (or DCS World Openbeta)/Tracks/Multiplayer
  3. To generate a tacview from your track simply replay your track by using the replay function in your single player GUI.
  4. Don't use more than 2x speed while replaying, or it might get corrupted.
  5. Review your acmi file, learn and enjoy!

Hope that helps. S!

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