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I would think it would be a great idea to implement JTAC or at least some sort of controllable AA vehicles , an ideal scenario for JTAC  missions is there are JTAC personnel staged at different way-points and players could choose then to guide the A/G attack units on to the designated targets or play more of a defensive role and tell pilots where there would be threats and advise possible attack routes and planning into advising a specific strike procedure's and even down to the use of weapons on that specific target and which way to go for instance Strike from South to North GRID EM67 1 CBU 87 type t-55 x5 , then the pilot would know where to go and what to do   , in my opinion this would be a massive game changer to the servers and more strategy towards the game style .


A ideal AA mission in my eyes would go like this have certain types of AA groups Sam 's , tors , man pads and squads of people could move them into a strategic support platforms for cover of fighters and a/g bombers multiple times i have come up with no help and are in need of CAP at certain way-point they say there on there way but its too late im not saying there should be mass groups of AA because that would be unbelievably overpowered but just enough to support, and it would be cool practice to try and take a AA out with and F-15 or an SU-27 ( imagine seeing that in the kill feed ) Player "..." has killed TOR with "30mm HE" "player "!!!!" has left the game :D of course it just a suggestion and it should only be taken lightly , if not the AA i do personally the JTAC idea would be a good one , another thing you don't normally see any Combined Arms implemented servers actually im fairly certain there is probably tops 1 - 3 servers that have it on there and it isn't greatly co-ordinated and i do think the 104th would be a great place for this sort of combat and strategy and on the plus side it will give a great advantage over other servers and greater chance to attract new players to the server and who doesn't like a bigger fan base :D


Thanks for giving me the chance to express my view and im looking foward to any responses 

Cheers Craig.

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Hey Poker,


I also wanted to post a topic like this. I really want to see, as a regular A2G pilot, JTAC on the server. The only problem is that if we allow CA on the server, to normally operate it, the admins would have to set the fog of war to on, which would ruin the A2A experience, not to mention "cheating" on the F10 view. Let the mission makers and the admins decide. I'm not really familiar with mission editing though..


But I would be really happy to slot in as a JTAC if needed giving you guys 9-lines, or I can give you guys training in that if there is a demand for that ;)




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Cheers for the reply pYlot


Yeah the f10 map cheating would be a huge downside to the gameplay in the 104th , but it would be so cool co-ordinating with a group of JTAC controllers , i guess we will just have to wait and see if the admins would like to incorparate that into some of the missions :D 

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We have no plans to implement the JTAC into our server any time soon.


It causes more issues than it solves and would be open to abuse.  We would have to thoroughly test it before we considered using it n the dedicated server, unfortunately its not as simple as just 'adding it in'.  We have to think of the bigger picture and all the clients who would not be using JTAC (air to air).   We cannot have extras messing up the stability for everyone else on the server.


So as it stands just now... no ... we do not plan to add in JTAC until its been properly tested in a high client environment to stress test stability.... and before you ask, no... we have no plans to test it anytime soon, sadly the current server set up keeps us busy enough.



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