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My DIY seat and mount setup.


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I did this a few months ago in a weekend project.

Bought a relative cheap QSP car seat/mount and some scaffolding pipes that are used normally to make banners. 

4x 230mm fans are cooling the wooden case were the PC sits in.

Everything is robust, ty-wrapped down and easy to clean .

I have put some wheels under it to move it around when I need to.


EVGA 980 GTX, I5-6600K 4.4Ghz, 16 GB ram.

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Love YOUR Creativity.                   I'm going to Steal a piece of your Patent!              

I'm stuck in an XP 775 4G ati-4850 I think it's 12 years old maybe more. Runs FC II just fine.

Been shopping Parts for years, to update this system. Show stoppers have always been the GPU, pay $1000 for a $600 GPU no thanks I can wait. "Now their $tarting to drop".

The case was another issue. Who designs these new cases? Some are pretty expensive & come with very poor cooling, not to mention other deficiencies.

So I think I'm going to Gut an even Older Case I have to make my new system with. Using your WOODEN CASE IDEA I can give it all the Air cooling & Inlet Filtering it will ever need.

Easy Access for servicing, cleaning filters & Bullet-Proof for when my Labs want to play Rowdy.

I'm now looking forward to joining the Unfriendly Skies of 2018-DCS.  TX for the Idea SOLEX,  I hope we don't need Lawyers.

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