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Hope you are all having a wonderful day

Most of teamspeak seems pretty straight forward but I'm old school. I will stand outside of an office door after knocking until I hear someone invite me in. So where am I allowed to go on the TS server, I mean besides not entering the obvious 'do not disturb' areas of course.

I would like to try out for the 104th and I read that I should approach the infamous IronMike but if he's in the office and I'm not sure if I'm allowed in, how can I approach him? I know the recruitment is closed at the moment but it seems nothing has changed in a while on the forums anyway so are you still using the forums to notify?

I know you use Facebook too. I wrote a message on Facebook but I got no reply.

Teamspeak, I sat in the Newbie Lounge for days and no one from 104th came in to say hello. In fact I answered queries that others had while I was in there...my pleasure.

I appreciate sometimes people are busy. Hope to hear from you soon.



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You can join any channel you want on teamspeak.


It is not possible for you to enter any channels that you are not allowed in so you dont ever have to worry about joining a channel you shouldn't be in.


If you want to get in touch with someone who is in a channel you cannot connect to (104th private channels) just double click on their name instead and you can send them a text message.

We do not recruit very often which is why the status has not changed for some time.  At present we do not know when we will be recruiting again however it will more than likely be in the summer at some point.


Welcome on board ;)

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