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104th Recruitment "CLOSED"


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We will be receiving applications from potential applicants during the month of August, we plan to recruit 4 new cadets in this round of recruitment, however this may change depending on the availability of instructors.


If successful you will enter in to our training programme and be a Squadron Cadet for at least 12 months.  Initially there will be no hurry to get you started with your training as we see how you integrate into the existing family within the squad.  Once both parties are confident that this will be a good fit for the long term your training will begin to pick up speed however we have to stress that patience is an absolute essential requirement for coming on board.

We are not going to teach you everything over night and regardless of your current or future ability in the cockpit you will 100% be a Cadet for at least 1 year.



Please make sure you follow the guidelines posted by IronMike in post 1 before you apply.


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Name: Jim Martin (Bullet)

Age: 46

Time flying in DCS: 10 months

Preferred Aircraft: F-18, F-14, F-15, AV8, J-11, UH-1, KA-50

Reason for applying: First I want to thank the squadron for all the hard and incredible work that has been put into the DCS community.  I have been flying in DCS for almost a year and keep coming back to the impressive multiplayer missions and people of the 104th for the challenge and fun.  I started in flight sims many years ago with MS flight simulator 2 and Jet and continued to enjoy flying on the computer until falcon 3.0 and Flanker 2.0.  I have been away for a few years and when I tried VR and DCS I knew this was something I wanted to put my time and effort into.  

For me aviation is more than a hobby and more than a career, it's a disease.  It gets in the blood and I can never get enough.  Currently I am a pilot for united airlines on the 777 have been at the airline for 23 years; with total time over 17,000 hours in over 20 different aircraft. I started flying lessons when I was 12, soloed on my 16th birthday, got my private license and went to Embry-Riddle aeronautical university.  During that time I was also flying air-shows, performing formation aerobatics with a 6 ship demonstration team in T-34s.  Over 15 years I have over 1000 hrs flying formation in that aircraft and it is a real joy to flex those formation muscles in DCS.  The last few years I have put my energy into RC models with turbine powered F-14, F-18, SU-27 and many more models becoming a demo pilot for some of the large model companies preforming air show routines, but this year I discover DCS.

I have sunk my teeth into the flight model, tactics, communications, weapons, mission editor, multiplayer and I can't get enough.  All of that is just a small part though, the people are where it's at and I have been truly impressed with everyone I have flown with and talked to in the 104th.  I would like to submit this application, and hope to add my time and effort to this impressive squadron. 

Thank you for your consideration,



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Name: Ken Townsel (StreetSharKen)

Age: 28

Time flying in DCS: 1 year, 3 months

Preferred Aircraft: F-14, F-18, AV8B, F15, J11

Reason for applying:

My passion for aviation runs through my blood and most people who know me would agree. Going back to my childhood I was always around RC aircraft and full scale aircraft. I competed in radio control  IMAC competition in the Intermediate Circuit by the age of 12 and learned how to respect the physics of flight at this time. Did that for a few years then it was off to college. I of course went to flight school and attended Middle Georgia College as the only flight school (at the time) in state. Finished my up to my stage 2 check of my Commercial Rating and unfortunately collapsed a lung on a beach for summer break. Nice way to have the FAA bump your medical down to a 3rd class... One year went by and also 2 more collapses and I started to do Air Traffic Control (Heres were the sim magic happens)

I completed school but ended up not doing the ATC route because my passion was flight!! I was always good at computers so I started working for the Federal Reserve. Started building my first gaming rig and got into few virtual airliners to keep my dream alive you could say. Of course growing up I started with MS Flight SIm all the way back to the 95 version (Still have the disk/case today). I started to dive deep into how systems worked and how to run the actual "flows" the big boys do. My roommates were regional pilots at the time, and loved the realism of the procedures in the full payware versions of the software.

I only found DCS A little over a year ago and it was through a video from a squadron member here. I was blown away at the movement and immersion, and had to get my hands on it by any means. I started to indulge myself in videos for tactics on all aspects of the sim and multiple models. I found the 104th server from that  first video that I saw and noticed I had a lot more learning to do!

104th is the only server I fly and I consider it home whether with the title or not. The same passion for flight is what keeps me coming back everyday. My goal from day one after watching that 104th video was to share that thrill with this group, that is always evolving and gaining more knowledge across these platforms. Everyday I learn something new from an "old-head" in the sim or even someone just learning how to put the gear up. I think that's what keeps me humble about learning more from this group.

Thanks for taking the time to read about how passionate I am about sharing this hobby(almost lifestyle), with your clients!!



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Name: Fernando Honório da Silva ( fernandohsilva )

Age 34 years old

Flying time in DCS: 20 months

Preferred aircraft: KA-50, 25T, MIG29, SU33, SU27, F15C, P51D

Reason to apply: I adhere to the 104TH Phoenix and often play there. I try to play in a great team with technical and skilled jocks.
I have always enjoyed military aviation and have played in the past games like F22 Raptor, F22 L3, Mig29 and F16, all of Novalogic. Then I played some Falcon 4, Lomac and IL2 1946.
About 20 months ago I started DCS World with the FC3 aircraft, and in the last 6 months I started with the Ka-50, which I liked very much and I'm building a complete physical cockpit (under construction), this is my favorite aircraft , more recently I have also flown the P51 and I really liked it, maybe I'll build a cockpit in the future. As you can see, I have a great preference for Russian aircraft, even so I do not yet have a modern clickable fighter. I hope the SU33 will soon be updated, but the dream would be a modernized MIG29.
Do not expect me to have all the aircraft, I just want to own aircraft that I really like!
But I will be expert on the aircraft that I own, I want to dominate completely and be a strong arm for the 104!
I'm very competitive and I love dogfight!
I hope to be part of the team soon!

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Name:  Nigel Hardwick (Callsign:  'Krazee')

Age: 55

Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 2.5 years

Preferred Aircraft:  F/A18-C Hornet, AV-8B Night Attack, A-10C Warthog

Reason for applying: DCS is my outlet to fulfil my passion of being a military pilot, albeit simulation. I haven’t done many bombing missions or done much dog fighting yet. Spotting is something I seriously need help with. I’ve been concentrating on flight mainly, with navigation and air to air refuelling. It’s no good going on bombing runs or engaging other aircraft if you can’t handle the plane or find your way to the target area, right? Although I have all modules, I haven’t flown everything yet. I started with the Warthog initially, and then I joined the 229th to get some Huey experience. There is no doubt that joining a squadron helps immensely. Then, with the help of 104th Maverick’s videos, which are excellent, I took on the Harrier. Since the Hornet was released into early access, I have been concentrating on learning to handle its flight characteristics. Case I and now Case III offer new challenges but I’m getting there. Although DCS is a hobby, I get disappointed if I don’t bring the aircraft home so recovery, with my aircraft intact, is something I strive to achieve during every flight and I practice hard to achieve this. At the very least, ejecting so that I stay alive is a key goal for me because always in the back of my mind a voice is saying, “What if this was real?” That’s what I love about DCS, the immersion is intense.

Of course I want to be the best I can be and I believe the 104th can help me achieve that goal. I’ve learned a lot from 104th members YouTube channels and I hope to be able to offer help myself in a similar way. Even to be a trainer in some form would be an honour but until that time, there is no ego, I listen, I learn, I practice, I achieve. I try to fly everyday but it’s not always possible. After nursing my dad until he passed away, I am now caring for my mother and since the heart attack last year, I am trying to attain a level of fitness that will see me enjoying a few more years. Saying that, I mostly get online in the evenings GMT (while mum is watching soaps), for a good three or four hours at a time Monday to Friday and sometimes well into the early mornings (I am a night owl).

Given the opportunity, I know I can be a valuable asset to the 104th; during the year’s cadet training I will give my undivided attention and strive to be ‘the best of the best, with honours’ with 110% and in the years beyond, I will be an ambassador, following in the footsteps of the giants of the 104th but always with Honour, Excellence and Integrity! I believe as a pilot, I am not the best I can be yet but with some guidance, I will be. As far as armaments are concerned I am a relatively blank canvas so shape me as you see fit and I will do you proud.

Background: Since the day my father took me to my first air-show back in 60’s, I’ve had a fascination for flight, whether it be building and collecting models, going for my PPL or extending the fascination with flight simulation. Dad was in the RAF and so it was always expected that I might follow suit. In 1982 (during the Falklands War), I applied for the Royal Marines but my application was rejected due to detection of eyesight anomalies. I was gutted. In 1983, I qualified as an Electronics Engineer so I applied for the Royal Air Force. With the knowledge I gained as an Electronics Engineer and my love for flight and simulation, the ideal job for me was Synthetic Trainer. To work on the trainer simulation domes would have been my dream career. Alas, I didn’t make the cut and so dealing with two military rejections, I re-considered my options. It seemed like the odds for joining the military was against me; I certainly wasn’t going to be a military pilot.

So I continued with flight simulation until the 90’s, when I was fortunate to land employment that payed handsomely so I took lessons for my PPL. Again, misfortune hit and I had to give up the lessons just before my solo flight. Although I have had a few disappointments in real life, I was always able to go back to my trusty flight simulation.

After an unplanned hiatus in the noughties, I re-discovered flight simulation in the form of DCS World and I could instantly see the potential for the biggest military flight simulator to date. There are still a few things I would love to see introduced into DCS, like female characters and pilots and I do hope that someday we will see interconnection of all maps so that you can fly from one area to the next, whether this is via multiple networking computers or bigger maps on multiple SSDs. Maybe after the planned Syria map, we will see Iraq and Kuwait to join up to the Persian Gulf map. Here's hoping. 

Thank you


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Name: John “Guppy” Rudell (Callsign: Guppy)

Age: 33 on 8/8! (As a side note its sort of crazy the fact that I flew with some of you back when I was 19/20)

Time flying DCS: Since LOMAC

Preferred Aircraft: Eagle, Hog, Hornet 
I have FC, KA-50, Huey, Mirage and a few others. I find myself consistently going back to those 3 though (especially the hornet)

Reason for applying:  I’ve toyed with wanting to apply to the 104th for quite some time, but every time I looked I just missed the cut-off for applying.

I think most of you already know, but I was a 169th Panther back in the day. A lot of what I loved about that squadron is present in the 104th. However, my main reason for applying is twofold: 1) I want to find a group of folks that I can enjoy flying with on a regular basis, challenge each other to learn and develop within the sim that is more “formal” than just flying with randoms. 2) Most importantly, I want a sense of friendship, teamwork and camaraderie when flying.  I also want to connect more and fly more with those who I built relationships with in the past, while creating new friendships for the future.

I have always appreciated the level of professionalism and fun that comes with the 104th, its one of the reasons why I only fly on your server – I want to be part of this and believe I can make solid contributions.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back!

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Name:  Wade Welsh (Callsign:  "Sneak69")


Age: 33


Time Flying in DCS: 6+ years


Preferred Aircraft:  Anything


Reason for applying:  I have always wanted to join a squadron of guys to trian with and learn DCS with. 104th seems like a the perfect fit because they seem to value family and real life above all else. I have many hours in flight sims. Been simming since I was in grade 3 with the first flanker game as my first experience. My first online squadron was 323 in Jane's f18 and I have been hooked on flight sims online since then.

I look forward to joining (if selected) the 104th and learning even more from a strong team.

thank you for your consideration.


- Wade 

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Name:  Brandon C. Chamberlin (Callsign: The Law)


Age: 45


Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 3.5 years


Preferred Aircraft:  F-15C, F/A-18C


Reason for applying:  Hi guys! Thanks for the opportunity to apply. Reason for applying?? -Because the coolest mofo's in DCS belong to 104th that's why! Nothing like the comradery of flying with a regular crew of professional pilots who excel at both casual/professionally AND who you look forward to flying with daily. 104th is comprised of my most favorite people to fly with and that's the most important reason for me.

I fell in love with the F-15C fighter  since the moment I discovered there was such a thing! My first PC flight simulator was F-15 Strike Eagle by Microprose in 1986 followed-up by F19 Stealth Fighter for the PC in 1987, several other titles by Microsoft, Microprose and later by Novalogic including F-22 Lightning III multiplayer which I played obsessively from 1999 through 2005 before it's online demise. During 1999 I joined the Solo Elite squadron, a skilled F22 squad to whom I've been loyal to every since. Unfortunately, that squad has split several times and no longer plays flight sims though I have remained loyal to our history. I did, however meet a life-long friend from that squad, 4Aces whom I've known personally since 2000.

So after delving into DCS 3+ years ago I have flown almost exclusively on 104th server. Now that includes probably 3 2-6 month breaks due to complexities of family life/death and running a small biz. Anyways, after hearing about your recruiting opening up, I debated if I have flown enough recently to warrant your consideration. I decided, hell yeah I do!

I love flying with you guys and I miss flying with you. I'm a hopeless lifer when it comes to multiplayer fighterjet combat. I've been gone due to some life/death and biz situations but ready to get back in the saddle. I would love a shot at 104th and would give those damned UPT's my very best to meet your qualifications if given the chance.


Thanks again for your consideration



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Name: Paul Valenstein (Callsign TBD)

Age: 30

Time flying DCS: On-and-Off for 4 years

Preferred Aircraft: F/A-18, F-15, Mirage, A-10C, AJS-37, Su-25T, AV-8B (But I rotate through all of them)

Reason for applying:  I've been playing flight simulators and combat simulators since my early days (remember US Navy Fighters on MSDOS?). I've been following the 104th, for a while now, but I never did the math, and continued to fly by myself. This is no way to go about flying in any aspect.

If you accept me into your ranks, I will bring with me an unmatched dedication. If you challenge me, I will face your challenge and exceed your expectations. Anyone who goes into learning to fly-even the basics-hoping to just squeak by, or put in the minimum required isn't cut out for it. I come to you admitting where I lack, and also saying with confidence that if you give me the arena, I will bring the motivation to develop my skills.

In the real world, I am no stranger to aviation. I've been flying since I was a baby. I am now an instrument-rated pilot, and an Air Traffic Controller, with a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace. As you can tell, this isn't just a game to me; it's my livelihood. I also have a specialty in aircraft recognition, and have even been part of competitions, where I've scored in the Top 5 nationally.

I look forward to learning from you, and bringing out the best in my abilities.

Thank you,

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Name: Clarke Wardle ( Call sign: Specter - ED Forum Name: mithandra)

Age: 48

Time flying DCS: 20 +  years

Preferred Aircraft: F/A-18, AV8B, A-10C,  AV-8B, Gazelle, Huey (Although I have almost all modules)

Reason for applying:  I have been flying a long time and love every second in the air.  I have been watching the YouTube streams from Maverick for a while now and the style of flying would just fit for me.

In my personal time I do a lot of development with DCS.  In the past i have released quite a few mods as the primary Modeller / Texture artist for BVFG.  I have also some other projects on the go.

I look forward to hearing from someone in the near future.

Thank you,

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Name: Zach Colton (PointBlank)

Age: 26

Time flying DCS: since LOMAC days

Preffered A/C: FA18, A10, AV8bNA

Reasons for applying: been flying in the 104th server for upwards of 4 years now off and on. Great community, enjoy every minute of it. Have been flying almost daily for the past year, and am hooked more and more with all the modules getting developed. Want to get integrated into the 104th officially to compete in SATAL and other community tournaments. I love that the 104th has a big focus on pvp and strengthening themselves against rivals. And I enjoy the competition I face flying against you gents, I can't seem to find it anywhere else... I am a licensed pilot in real life though I am 8+ years out of currency (career and life have gotten in the way). Already have real world experience in formation flying, and IFR.

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Name: Zach Woock (C/S: Wookiee/Whiskey)

Age: 27

Time flying DCS: +8 years

Preffered A/C: F/A-18, A-10C

Reasons for applying:

I've been watching some of the streams as of late. I used to play a fair amount of DCS and FC way back when and I've been looking to get back into it. Based on your streams you guys use Marshall CATCC, approach, and paddles all the way down to the deck and that's something I've been looking at getting into inside the sim world.  I'm a former USMC Officer candidate who medically separated in 2012 without touching a bird. Current civilian pilot for Delta Connection as a Captain. I am a S3 rated controller on VATSIM for the last 5 years working at the New York airports so I am very familiar with civilian phraseology and procedures. If you guys would like to have a "full time" CATCC controller using proper phraseology I'd like the opportunity to train in that role. Thank you for your time.

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Name: John Craighill aka Talon6

Age 51 years young.

Time flying DCS:4 years

Preferred A/C: F/A 18

Reason for applying: I am an Army infantry veteran who served in Operation Desert Shield/ Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 in 2004 to 2005. Now 100% disabled due to PTSD. As I have so much time on my hands, Playing DCS is my past time. I wish to join as a fighter/ intercept and or Bomber in the f/a 18 hornet,

I am a man of virtue, integrity, strong morals and values and principles. I will remain dedicated to the 104th. However, there may be times when the wife will want me to join dinner, which I hope you can make acceptions. ohh yeah, my time zone is est.

Please accept my application and you may contact me at john_craighill@aol.com. I will provide a phone number in private as well if you wish.

BTW, I have flown a few missions with Larry, who has taught me quite a bit.



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Name:  Beeroshima      Callsign:  Beeroshima

Age: 39

Time Flying in DCS: approximately 4 -5 years

Preferred aircraft:  A10C,  F18C, Ka-50, F15C

Reason for applying:  I'm looking for an active community with a diverse knowledge base where I can improve my ability to pilot the aircraft I enjoy.  I bring a basic foundation of all of the aircraft I fly with a willingness to learn more and  constantly improve.  I enjoy company and playing with other people.  I can take a joke and don't take myself too seriously.  I don't currently own the L39, but it's no problem to purchase it if I'm accepted.  This pretty much applies to any aircraft required to participate in whatever the squadron is doing.  I am currently in RVE squadron, but don't find enough activity when looking to fly with others.  I've been with them for approximately 3 or 4 years.  My expectations are simple, if accepted:  I want to fly and learn more DCS with a competent group of people I enjoy being around socially.  I particularly enjoy using mods and anything that enhances the flying experience, in general.  I particularly enjoy multiplayer servers, specifically, the 104th(of course), Blue Flags on either map, and the dynamic caucuses conflict.  I'm willing to spend any amount of time training to provide a return on investment the members of the squadron invest in me.   Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

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We are extremely honored and blessed with so many applications.

Thus, also from my side, a massive thank you for your huge interest. We could not appreciate it more! Thank you also for your patience, I know the wait was very long.

To choose is never easy, however we have to restrict our pick on a maximum of 4 cadets, in order to be able to provide sufficient amounts of training to each and everyone. Thank you for understanding that, those, who have not been picked this time to have a go at the UPTs - we would very much like to get to know you better and see your application again in the next round. Please fly as much as you can with us on Teamspeak, this lets us choose best and please do not think the decision was in any way personal. Each and everyone of you seems to be a great fit in general and someone we would like to spend more time with. So please stick around and simply spend more time with us. :-)

This round we would like to clear for the UPTs:

and 069_Specter

The rest of you - again, thank you so much. I will send each one of you a private message, if you have questions or would like to discuss anything further, I would be very happy to set a date to meet up on teamspeak. Please understand that we would like to keep discussions/ explanations out of this thread.

For those 4 who have been cleared: If you have any questions regarding the UPTs, feel free to contact me any time. You can also contact 104th_Stuge and if none of the instructors is available any fully winged member or 104th cadet. We will all be happy to guide you to a successful submission of the UPTs, please bear in mind, they are designed to frustrate and demand a significat amount of repetition (and time) to get right, also for the seasoned pilot. Attention to detail, as always - is paramount. In doubt, please always contact me personally. Some of the documents show discrepancies, please also watch the videos, and knowing that they build up on each other, follow the logic applicable from the previous ones. (Or simply ask :-P)

That said, we are very much looking forward to the next training round and we wish you all


Honor. Excellence. Integrity.

S! ~IronMike

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