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(id: AZ258630) this id my friend's , and he was banned.


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hello   gentleman,

I have a  friend  ((id:   AZ258630) , a long time ago  ,he  made somemistakes  in the server ,and was banned 。

He can't speak English, so ask me do this for him.

Now  he's sorry for his previous mistakes  and  hope to get your forgiveness.

He sincerely apologizes to you and hopes to get your help.



best  regards.

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On ‎2018‎年‎3‎月‎24‎日 at 10:32 PM, 104th_Maverick said:

He was removed due to being over our ping limit and sadly cannot fly in our server.

hello ,he  and I(my id is yanyu),we  have checked  our ping and  our ping is  about  200-220,but we still can't connect to server .

Is there  some other error  ?



best regards






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If you checked your ping in TS, it could possibly still be higher on the server when you are entering. Just in case, I would make sure you are not downloading, streaming or do not have other apps sending or receiving data in the background. One person from recent memory had multiple people streaming videos when he would attempt connection, causing his ping to go well above the server limit.  

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