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=AS= Banned


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=AS= has been banned from our community and server for being verbally abusive to me on teamspeak during a disagreement in a public channel.


He has NOT been banned for killing me on the server as he been going around very proudly telling people.


No one has ever been banned from our server for shooting down any admin in our history of hosting for over 10 years.  Despite what =AS= likes to believe his ban has nothing to do with him shooting me down, in fact, he didn't even get banned on the same day he shot me down, it was three days later.

Sadly he has chosen to spread false information around the community regarding why he has been banned.


I want to put our clients mind at ease and just remind you that no one has ever or will ever be banned for shooting down any 104th Squadron member.  What =AS= is suggesting is incredibly juvenile and blatantly false, I happen to get shot down on a regular basis in the server, if I banned everyone that shot me down then I'd be flying on my own!


Follow our rules = you will always be welcome here.

Break our rules or become abusive = you won't be back.


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