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Banned check


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Yes your account is banned.


Sadly we don't take "it was my friend" as an excuse as we've heard that over 100 times.  Your account will be unbanned next month however it is your responsibility to chase this up next month and have the ban removed.


Dont think this is fair?   Take it up with your flat mate who got you banned for teamkilling admins ;)

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Ok, thanks for checking.


It's normal that you will hear that 100 times, but I'm doing my ATPL and I share my pc with the  other guys that live with me,for flight training purposes. I was watching your stream actually because I was at my home away from the school and I was going to speak, but since I've played in your server for years and seen alot of things I wouldn't expect to be this bad. And it's fair, I didn't say otherwise.


I will try to chase it next month.


Thanks for the attention


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