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IFF - Identification Friend or Foe


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Hello gents!

Noticing some accidently teamkilling by new players on the server lately, here is a brief summary of how to IFF (identify friend or foe) in both Nato and Russian fighter aircraft.

------------- NATO:

F-15C RADAR MFD: On the radar MFD in the F15C you will notice 2 different types of target indicators in both STT and TWS: bars like " - " are enemy aircraft, and dots are friendly.

In TWS mode that is the same, accept that you have a small line attached to it, indicating the targets heading in reference to your aircraft.

F-15C HUD: Once you lock a target in the F15C, a target box will be displayed in your HUD. If you have locked on a target, and see no box, that means, the target is "outside" of your HUD. Manouver your nose towards the target, until you see the box in the HUD. If there is a X through your target box, that means your target is friendly. That is to be checked espacially if you use your radar submodes like boresight and vertical scan!

-------------- RUSSIAN AC:

Russian fighter RADAR MFD: If datalink is active via EWR or AWACS, or if you are "painting" a target with your Radar in TWS mode, on your radar MFD, enemy aircraft will appear as triangles and friendly aircraft will appear as dots or filled circles. Otherwise you have to LOCK your target with RADAR, in order to get proper IFF.

NOTE: EOS/IRST locks do not give away IFF - you have to confirm with radar lock first, prior firing, unless you are 100% sure that your target is an enemy! EOS lock will ALLWAYS display a triangle on the MFD, not matter if friend or foe!

Russian fighter HUD: Most of the time you will use your radar display on the HUD, if you are in weapons mode with radar on. In the HUD of russian fighter aircraft, enemy aircraft painted by your radar will appear as small double bars like " -- " for fighter AC, single like " - " for small AC like Drones, and four small bars like " ---- " for large AC like Tankers, AWACS etc.

In size the same applies for friendly AC, except that they are double lined like " = " for small, or " == " for fighter sized, or " ==== " for large FRIENDLY aircraft.

Additionaly, if you lock a friendly target with radar, you will see in your left bottom corner of your HUD an F (if you use english hud) or C (if you use russian hud) indicating, that you locked a friendly.

Russian fighter radar sub-modes: If you use boresight, shlem (helmet-view) or vertical scan, you have to check for the "F" or "C" in the left bottom corner of your hud, or on the MFD, wether you have locked a triangle (foe) or circle (friendly). Again: In EOS/IRST you WILL NOT GET ANY IFF in any of the submodes, too.

------------- IFF BREVITY:

Appropriate brevity: If your are not sure despite everything (like if you lock ECM strobes) or if you are sure, that you locked a friendly (accidently or on purpose to find out who it is) ALLWAYS say RAYGUN on comms or type in chat. The proper reply by the friendly should be BUDDYSPIKE (SPIKE = LOCK IN BREVITY) or BUDDY ECM if his ECM is on. By that you do not spook your teammates and know who you are looking at. Never lock friendlies longer then absolutely necessary! (as you will block their Radar Warning Reciever to recognize other and maybe serious threads!) Note again: A friendly will not get a lock warning from your EOS and thus cannot respond to your "RAYGUN" call, unless you lock him with radar.


I know it looks a lot, but you will see, that you can get used to it in no time! I hope it helps! Just set up a quick mission in the mission editor and put some friendly and enemy non fighter aircraft in it and play a bit around with your radar. Do that once, and you should remember it for all times  :wink:

Allways remember to fly and play safe for your teammates - and to enjoy the game of course!


In other words...




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Hi Mike good post, but anyway, I don't know if it is a bug, but in our server,  the 57th server and even in the 104th with the latest update, sometimes internally crashed or something happens, that give team kill to people that even have neither fired a missile. I had the experience two days ago, was returning to base with all weapons and bingo, and appeared a text in the screen that Rush teamkilled someone! (I dont remember the callsign of the other guy, but I warned him about the bug). 

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