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104th Official Texture pack


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This is the OFFICIAL squadron livery package for the 104th Phoenix squadron.

Recently there was a separation of the pack, the goal to reduce download size for the pack. Older, and skins that are not frequently used have been removed from the main pack, and added to the Depreciated pack, this includes ALL of our FC3 skins, as well as the unofficial roughmet patch.

Included in the main pack are skins for:

  1. F-14
  2. F-16
  3. F-18
  4. AV-8
  5. L-39C trainer

Included in the Depreciated pack are skins for:

  1. F-15C
  2. Su-27
  3. J-11

The following links contain what you need.
- Main Texture pack - http://www.mediafire.com/file/0vvyy58yaf4umck/104th_Unified_Texture_pack_V3.0.rar/file
- Depreciated Texture pack - http://www.mediafire.com/file/a0u3tlglw1sjy7g/104th_Textures_Depreciated_V1.0.rar/file




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@Cobra That pack is pretty outdated, I am unable to maintain the file on the user files section because we have vastly exceeded the file limit allowed there. The download link here will ALWAYS be the most current pack. I apologize for the large size, its unavoidable even with strong file compression. I tend to only try and push 1 or 2 updates a year as a result, I am pushing a new pack right now, and it will be the last until the F-16 gets its template and i can create squadron skins that don't look awful.

Pack updated today to V2.9

Roughmet Fixes for the Black F-14 and F-18.
VFA-104 stenciling added to the entire fleet of F-18s.
Custom weapon racks added to the black F-18.
VFA-104 CAG F-18 received name plates.
F-15 BOP added (Raptor approximation).
Black F-14 received black tinted glass and Golden Hook.
Black F-18 received Golden Hook.

Link above is current.

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Pack updated to V3.0 today! Friendly viper skins are now included into the pack. There has also been some heavy trimming into whats included in the pack, some skins that are rarely used, or any FC3 aircraft, as well as the unofficial rougjmet patch have been removed from the main pack, and added to a second "Depreciated" pack. both packs will be available for anyone to download for future use. The idea was to cut down some of the fat, and reduce the every increasing download size of the pack.

Links for both packs will be available above once they are uploaded to mediafire.



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