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Banned for crashing


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Dear 104th,

I have being banned from your server for crashing into another plane on the carrier deck. I'm realy sorry for this, happened incidently, no intentions. I was on final, and the other plane just born there ...

Can you please release the bann of me? I enjoy very much flying on your server!

Thank you in advance,


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You were actually banned for using the carriers without being on SRS.

Our server rule is you must be on SRS if you want to either spawn or land on any aircraft carrier, you were warned multiple times about this before you were removed.

If you do not have SRS installed you are welcome to use the land based aircraft but to go anywhere near an aircraft carrier you must be on SRS and you must be on the Carrier ATC (CATC) frequency which is 140.0AM.


Once you reply confirming you have read and understood this your ban will be removed.

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