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An Apology to the 104th


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As some of you may know,  yesterday I made some pretty stupid comments while flying with 104th members whom were streaming.  I was immediately banned (rightfully so) and just wanted to issue an apology.

These comments which were made in a drunken state were completely uncalled for and there is absolutely no excuse for what was said no matter how much I had been drinking.  Knight and Fallen both reached out to me and described everything I said that was considered offensive which were directed to one 104th member.  I then re-watched the stream which had said comments and couldn't believe what I had said.

I reached out to the member through PM to issue my apology.  At first, I thought it was only him who was offended by my stupid actions.  However, it was brought to my attention that other 104th members were also extremely offended by what I had said and that I had essentially attacked every 104th member.  As a result, I am writing this apology so all 104th members can see.  I am not asking for sympathy or an unban.  I am merely wanting to tell each and every one you that I am truly sorry for my actions.

These comments do not represent who I am as a person.  I have been flying with a lot of you guys for the last 5 years or so and would love to continue to do so.  However, I fully understand that some or even all of you guys will not forgive what I said.  As I said above, no amount of intoxication is an excuse for what was said.

To any member who was offended please reach out to me directly either through PM or any other method.  I would like to speak to each of you individually to issue a more personal apology and would like to do it with my own voice instead of through text.

I know this post will do very little to mend ties and I may never be allowed to fly with 104th again.  I just wanted all 104th members to know that I am deeply sorry.  It was great flying with you guys.

Please PM me on here or on Steam (TexRagoon).  I would like to hear from you guys regardless if you accept this apology or not.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Best regards,



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