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Operation Abruzzi

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Operation Abruzzi

Operation Abruzzi is a medium scale base capture mission featuring and East vs West aircraft set up.

Both sides have the ability to shut down each others airbases as well as attack strategic targets located throughout the map.
Once an enemy has destroyed all ground units protecting an airfield the friendly coalition will no longer be able to spawn at that airbase.

Red Airbases = Tbilisi, Vaziani, Beslan, Mozdok, Nalchik and Min Vody
Blue Airbases = Kutaisi, Senaki, Batumi and Kobuleti.



Russian forces have invaded Georgia and seized the capital of Tbilisi and its surrounding areas.  After putting up some resistance the Georgian Government called for NATO to assist in the region resulting in an escalation of the conflict.  This has led to NATO forces landing on the Eastern shores of the Black Sea while Russia tries to strengthen its position in Tbilisi by sending reinforcements through the Transkam Road and the Darial Gorge.


Target Areas

Bullseye South


Bullseye North


Bullseye East (Tbilisi)



Target locations are given as a position from BULLSEYE.  To get target coordinates use the F10 map and ruler tool.  Draw a line to the target using the BRA information given in the briefing and note down the coordinates.  Alternatively you can leave a marker on the F10 map and navigate that way.


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