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MERMOZ New pilot


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Hello everyone.

my name is Sebastien and I finally got myself into DCS after years and years of FSX and other simulators starting with a game called Yeager (after Chuck) on Windows 3.1

Then I moved on FS98, Jane's Fighters Anthology (on which I discovered carrier aviation), FS 2002, FSX F22 ADF and so on and on.


I got myself DCS only a few days ago with the F/A18 (only one for now) and am training... At the moment carrier landings are  50/50 bolter and catch.

A/A Refuel is where I need some tips. I'm trying to follow Maverick's tutorial and I do get better at closing in in formation with the pod, but still only 1/3 attempt gets into contact and once I got the basket, I can't keep formation long enough. For some reason the plane gets jittery.

For info I use an old Saitek X52joystick for now, not sure if it's what may cause my troubles.

Anyway, if you got tips I'd be happy to try it out.

I'd have tried to join you guys online (and may do so in the future if you accept non squadrons plane for some carrier ops training) but I don't have the persian gulf map and I'm not set for TS at the moment.

As far as my callsign is concerned, it's one that was given to me by glider pilots friends in my youth, never knew why, although being nicknamed after the most famous french pioneer (and well known hothead...) is an honor.


There you go, and an additional thanks to Mav for the videos.

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